How Body Cleansing Saved My Life, by Cindy Papp

This is my introduction, how body cleansing helped me and why I do what I do. My name is Cindy and I am a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Certified Colon Therapist, Detox Specialist, Author and Educator. I have been studying, working, teaching and writing about the holistic health field for over 17 years. This is a picture of me at 47 years old.

I have been fortunate to learn from and work with many wonderful professionals who I am indebted to for sharing their wisdom and training. This body cleansing website is my way of paying if forward.

Colon or body cleansing is big money and because of this, there is a lot of hype about what makes a good body cleansing program. One of the biggest lessons people learn is that holistic health is a path. There are no shortcuts and no magic pills. It is hard work to modify daily habits, and a path to health can be mentally and physically challenging. Many questions arise during any cleansing program, as you will read about when I thought I had poisoned myself.

So I hope that you use this website to learn for yourself. We can all be Masters of our health. I believe that body cleansing is a missing link in good health.

This website is filled with basic yet imperative information that we should all be aware of and even teach our children. If you learn how to take care of your body, there will be no "random illness." Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

My Personal Path

Many people start down the path of holistic health, colon cleansing or body cleansing because of dealing with personal health issues – and I am no exception.

Sometime around 1991, I went to my doctor with problems. I had been feeling sick for some time, but couldn’t really pinpoint it. I was nauseous and tired all the time. I was too young for this, I thought. When all my friends were out meeting people, dancing and having fun, I was home in bed or hurling.

The doctor said there was nothing wrong. So I went back about a month later. He said there was still nothing wrong. So I went back again and he finally took a blood test (I’m sure to get me out of there once and for all).

The Diagnosis

I tested positive for Hepatitis, non-A, non-B. Eventually I was diagnosed with Hep C. I had no insurance but I did have a job and I had faith. So I religiously went for my regular blood tests like a good little patient.

When I finally had what I thought would be enough money, I told my doctor that I was ready. “Ready for what?” replied my doctor. “Ready for my shot or pills or whatever you have for me to help me get better and feel better.”

That’s when the truth came out. There was no cure. Interferon, which was the drug of choice, only worked on a very small percentage of people and I wouldn’t be one to try. I was too young and, oh yeah, I didn’t have insurance. I was devastated. Why was I coming here, spending my money on blood tests? What were we leading up to?

My chart! My doctor told me he had been making a chart or graph of sorts. It tracked progress of my blood tests and how I felt. Apparently, when the graph dipped to a certain low, I couldn’t eat food (which was most of the time).

He was watching for when it dipped even lower, where I would not be able to drink anything either, in which case he would then suggest I be admitted into a hospital where I will be fed and hydrated intravenously. I told him that I didn’t need a blood test to tell me when I start to throw up water and left.

My Eyes Are Opened

Luckily for me, I happened to be taking jazz piano lessons at a small studio in the Los Angeles area. The instructor found out I was sick. He, along with others working there, started telling me I should cleanse my colon and detox my liver, in other words a body cleansing program. I told him my doctor was taking care of it and don’t worry as I hurried to change the conversation away from my plumbing.

Back then, I honestly had no idea how food affected me and I had no idea what my colon and liver had to do with hepatitis C. I didn’t have a computer to look things up or to even learn that hepatitis was a disease of the liver. Besides, I didn’t have to – I had a doctor.

Then came the news when my doctor informed me there was “nothing they could do.” I was shocked, appalled and felt misled. I couldn’t figure out why after his years of training in medical school this was the only answer.

I couldn’t figure out why a group of musicians had more confidence that my body could heal itself but my doctor said no such thing was possible. Apparently human bodies only heal themselves randomly. I wouldn't accept that.

So I went back to those willing to try. My life was worth a shot. So I tried body cleansing. I won’t tell you all the gory details, but suffice it to say that I did use colon cleansing supplements, and slightly restricted my eating and I felt better.

Anytime I felt sick again, I started eating healthier, made fresh veggie juice, and took my colon cleansing supplements, knowing I would feel better in less than two weeks. What eventually happened was a total surprise.

I kept body cleansing on and off and living my life. While trying to decide a career path that would fit in with my sick and healthy cycles, I started working at a holistic health center that used body cleansing as a core to many of their programs.

No Wonder I Was Sick!

I took a job as receptionist. The therapists working there kept telling me that I should try a colonic. I resisted, but eventually I tried. And much to my amazement, although I had done many programs before and released what I thought was a lot of extra waste from my body, there was more! I had never seen such dark, rubbery matter come out of a human!

So I called a friend that I met in massage school, who happened to be a nurse. We had started the body cleansing program together so I wanted to share my experience to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. What was this black rubber stuff?! Why did it smell so awful – I mean, it smelled like chemical poison, nothing that should come out of a living person!

She told me that was the reason we were cleansing. I was right that I had poisoned myself. But I hadn’t poisoned myself with herbs - I had been poisoning myself with junk foods, alcohol, recreational drugs, pharmaceuticals, processed foods and lack of enough healthy foods to counteract all that crap.

That rubbery black tar-like substance that was leaving me was the old buildup that I had been piling on with junk food over the years. This was mucosal plaque. I read about it, heard about it, saw pictures of it, but never really believed it could be inside me until I saw it for myself.

I said something that I would hear repeated many times in my own health center – “I can’t believe I’m not dead!” I never realized what I was doing to myself over the years. As this waste was building up in my small intestine, liver and who knows where else, no wonder I had hepatitis C! No wonder I was overweight and sick all the time!

I was so fascinated that I continued trying different kinds of body cleansing programs. Not all at once, but a program then a month or two break. Another program and a three-month break. I kept getting old waste out. I didn’t mind doing these as I had lost 25 pounds. Then came one of the biggest surprises of my life.

The Miracle

After my second daughter was born, I had the standard blood test they take before you leave the hospital. When the results came back, I was told something was wrong with the test so they had to re-do it.

The problem, it seemed, was that there was no trace of Hep C in my blood. It must be they forgot to test for that, so they re-tested. It came back negative again - and then again. I no longer had Hepatitis C from this point on.

There were side-effects of body cleansing, besides my body healing itself from Hep C. One of my favorites was losing 30 or so excess pounds I had been carrying around since my college days. Another was healthier looking skin that was no longer pasty-white but a healthier, very light golden color. And, of course, far more energy, and far better mental health without the extreme highs and lows (that's another story).

It "only" took me 30 something years to learn that food does affect my health and my state of mind. Now, I believe that our bodies are stronger than we ever imagined. I know that mucosal plaque builds up in the small intestine even though we may have a bowel movement every day, just as calcium plaque builds up in the arteries as blood constantly flows. And I have learned how to deal with that.

My Conclusions

Colon cleansing or body cleansing can and should be part of any health regimen. I prefer to just call it body cleansing because the entire body works as one unit as it cleanses itself.

Our job is to assist our body. Just as we must assist the daily regeneration of cells by eating healthy, organic, whole foods, we must assist the detoxification and elimination of waste.

Herbs and food don’t make you well, they give your body the strength it needs to make new healthy cells and to kill and expel the old diseased cells along with bacteria, virus and other harmful pathogens. The body is made to heal itself. It is us that must make the decision to give our body the tools it needs.

As many who have similar stories, my path is a blessing. This path has blessed me with a healthier body that I'm happy with, beautiful children I was told I could never have, and a gift of teaching and helping others. I truly feel fulfilled and thankful. (The pic to the right is my most recent after I turned 50 - what a milestone!)

The SpringClean Cleanse

Paying it Forward

I have since dedicated my life to teaching other people what I have learned. I truly believe that we are all capable of helping our bodies heal of many health issues that are considered life-threatening. I understand why a medical doctor, Dr. Lorraine Day, created a video to tell others why cancer doesn't scare her any more.

After working with thousands of clients over a ten year period, I realized that I could only work with a few people at a time. In addition, I realize that when I was sick, I could not afford the $1200 to $1800 that people would pay me to help them. I had request after request to write it all down in a clear format that could be used again and again for life-time reference.

With that in mind, I created the

Body Cleansing Home Page