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Anyone who works with clients to help them heal should keep in mind a central rule of health; you cannot heal if the body is ridden with toxins.  I have taught this message and method to Chiropractors, Nutritional Counselors, Nurses and even Medical Doctors over the years.  It is a method that works.  It will help your specific program be more effective which, as we all know, leads to happier clients and more referrals.

The SpringClean Cleanse

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All to often I see practitioners attempting to help their clients become alkaline, heal a specific ailment with vitamins or herbs or even trying to cleanse their liver or kidneys as the first part of their protocol.  There is one large problem with this; if your client has built up waste in the intestinal tract, which most do, then the rest of the healing will be long, slow and uncomfortable.  This can lead to frustration from the client; they may not want to continue their program as they lose hope, they may feel the program is not working or it simply costs too much money.

This buildup in the intestinal tract is a real phenomenon (for those who don't realize it).  You can find reference to it in the Journal of the American Medical Association from the 1930's; back when doctors actually discussed other therapies besides drugs and surgeries.  It is a rubbery substance that will cause many health issues and delay any healing.

Toxicity in the body will cause acidity.  Attempting to make your client alkaline through diet alone will only lead to temporary results.  If your client is cleansing, then they will have periods of acidity of the body and the toxins are flowing through the body on their way out.  If you assist the cleansing process through nutrition and supplementation, you can help them achieve the alkaline state much easier.

If your client's body has this buildup of waste, this will slow the healing process.  Toxins will be slowly and constantly released into the body until it is removed.  I cannot count how many times I have heard "no wonder I was sick!" as a client watched this plaque leaving their bodies!  I said this myself when I had Hep C.  Help them remove the waste and the body will have an environment that is better for healing.

If you use herbs, vitamins or supplements for healing, consider the golden rule of healing; it takes 10 times the amount of nutrition to heal than it does to live on a day-to-day basis.  If nutrition is absorbed through your small intestine, then needless to say this intestinal build up will not allow the nutrients from your clients diet and supplement protocol to absorb to do their work.

Lastly, do not attempt a liver, gallbladder or even kidney cleanse until the body is ready.  During any type of cleanse, your body will attempt to rid many of the toxins through the intestinal tract (as this is where your liver will dump toxins to).  If channels there are not open, you could be getting your client into trouble as the body will not be ready to keep the toxic load flowing out - but could instead become backed up along with the intestinal buildup.

Good luck on your path and I hope you are all able to help many people.  As more and more people are awakened to the fact that we live in a society with many dangerous pesticides and other environmental toxins, they are also learning that drugs do not heal.  May God and the Universe be with you all!

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