#25 - Is It OK to Cheat?

Sometimes we have to go “cold turkey” to start any diet or cleansing program. This is usually at the beginning stages so that we can re-adjust our bodies and tastes as cravings are eliminated.

Then comes the middle stage that many of us experience – boring! When it seems you have been eating the same thing almost every day, you’re short on time and just don’t have time to learn new recipes, let alone shop for them. This is the time where many start going crazy and just want to end it.

Don’t end it – cheat the right way. There are things that you can do to stay on your cleanse or diet. Here are some suggestions:

  • Try eating organic, dark chocolate. This food contains antioxidants and iron that contributes to your health. There may be a little sugar in it – but keep in mind it’s what you do most of the time, not once in a while. And be reasonable – try sticking to only about 1 ounce.
  • Have a cup of vanilla yogurt. Most dairy products are not allowed during a cleanse. This can be an exception if you be sure to get yogurt that contains good bacteria. This is more easily digested. A little can work for your cleanse. If your goal is to lose weight, and you can tolerate it, eat a small amount every day. It has been shown to help people lose abdominal fat. This is probably due to the good bacteria aiding digestion.
  • Try the Organic Active Greens food bar. This is only one brand, though. Go to your local market and find more. They are generally sweetened with dates (not date powder) and contain only whole, active foods. Some of the ingredients the Organic Active Greens bar are; almond butter, date paste, agave nectar, flax sprout powder, quinoa sprout powder, and beet juice powder. They may be green but they taste better than you might think. My children love them – and they think it’s a candy bar! They will count as protein and a warning – ½ of a bar is usually enough, unless that will be your entire meal.

These are only some of the way to “cheat” the right way. Other things you can do is to get recipe ideas from the dessert section of a raw food cookbook. After your cheat - just get right back on track!

For those of you who are having a hard time staying on a program – here’s an ebook that I highly recommend because it comes with personal coaching. It's called The Ultimate Diet Guide . This program falls is excellent, solid nutritional information and a lot of the principles are cleansing principles.

This is an excellent program for those who are serious but need more help in the discipline area. The main page is even a good read as she starts with a simple do-at-home test you can do to check your thyroid and endocrine system.

Remember to do what you can, and whatever you need to do to keep your motivation. You will do your body and your mind a wonderful favor.

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