The Many Ways to Cleanse the Body

With 2009 here, it is exciting news to see that cleansing the body is becoming a more accepted and valid practice for good health. There is still the question of how to cleanse the body. The answer to this is easy if you keep in mind the old saying that there are many paths to a goal.

Each way of cleansing the body has a different result. Here we will briefly explore some ways of cleansing and the results it may help you achieve.

Some people like to cleanse by cutting out only breads and junk foods from their diet. This may not be extreme, but can be very effective. It is beneficial for those with sensitivities to wheat, to help with weight loss and to help the body stop craving carbohydrates.

A step up in intensity of cleansing is to eat a diet of only veggies with minimal organic meats. This will help your body clear some waste build up while preserving muscle. This may be the best weight loss cleanse as long as you are eating enough veggies and fruits.

Other people may choose to eat fruits and veggies only for their cleanse. Eating like this gives your digestive tract a much needed rest while easing the burden on your elimination system. This helps your body clear built up waste and can help prepare your body for a fast. It allows your body to slowly rid toxins while easing into a fast without too many cleansing side effects.

A juice fast is a more extreme way to cleanse the body. It is best done with fresh pressed fruit or vegetable juices. These have the enzymes still available which nourishes your body and gives it energy. It also helps your body cleanse itself at a quicker rate while keeping your energy up.

A water fast may be the most extreme of cleansing rituals. How long one does this is up to the individual. This type of fast is usually done more for spiritual reasons as opposed to cleansing the body. It is an extreme fast and can cause serious side effects if you are very toxic. It is effective, but best done after you have prepared your body. One of the ways this is done is by eating lighter for at least a few days before you start, among other things. If you plan on doing a water fast, be sure to inform yourself or use a professional to help you decide the safest way to go about it.

No matter what path you choose, be sure to drink plenty of water during your cleansing period and most importantly – educate yourself.

Best wishes for your new year and good health to you!

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