Help Your Clients Through Difficult Times

Dealing with clients through difficult times that arise during healing can be easier said than done... however, I felt this a very important chapter for health practitioners. Learning how to help your clients cope will ensure they follow their program through to completion. This allows success which is good for you and your business. A little practice will also save your sanity.

Holistic and alternative forms of healing give the body what it needs to heal itself. The result is deeper, true healing or prevention. The downside is that it takes longer. In this age of quick fixes and instant gratification, this is a mental challenge.

This leaves you in the position of being the one to explain to your clients why this is so. Many will come to you complaining that it is taking too long so it must not be working. They will get angry or sad as the body is healing and this takes a mental toll. You can use this time productively by using the following tips.

There are three things that you can do to help your client (and yourself) through these difficult times.

  1. Teach- Use this time to teach your clients about their bodies and their health. Give them materials to read, websites to learn, recipe books, restaurant guides to healthy places and other tools. This will keep them busy learning which will keep them motivated.

  2. Stay in Touch - Be sure to stay in contact with your client either yourself or through a trained and trusted assistant. You can do this by scheduling "mini-sessions" to meet with them or even just follow up with a phone call. This method will show them that you take that extra step to help them through. It also gives them a reason to stay on track. Shorter time in between meetings or talks with clients give them a reason to not backslide since a meeting can act as a tool to measure success. Remember - success depends on them and how well they follow a program.

    You can let your client know you will be discussing how consistent they are and how they are doing by asking questions such as these; are you taking the supplements every day, how do you feel afterward, what did you have for lunch yesterday, and so on. Some may consider this baby sitting or hand-holding. Maybe so - but the holistic path is a tough process. The beginning stages are the most difficult for many so this is the time for assistance. After the initial two or three weeks, they should be well on their way.

  3. Cleanse - Start every healing program with a cleanse - even if it is only for a week. There are two reasons for this. One is that built up waste can inhibit digestion, therefore inhibiting the effectiveness of the supplements given. Second, cleansing shows quicker progress when followed properly by taking the cleansing supplements and a cleansing diet.

  4. Here's a tip to help yourself through your client's difficult times. Remember that you are a "channel." You are not healing the person, you are teaching them tools so that they can heal themselves. Many times anger or frustration will be directed at the practitioner. Let it go through you without affecting you.

    I used to get clients that were very angry they had to take time out of their busy schedule to come in for a colonic. After the session (and a pound of waste later) they would actually apologize! I never let it get to me because I remember being sick myself. I learned to become the channel because I knew that deep down, their frustration had nothing to do with me. Keeping this in mind helped my sanity, too.

    This also lead me to wonder how the toxins were affecting their emotions. This is one reason why I feel colonics are so vital to any health program.

    Using the above tools can help you build a lasting and positive relationship with clients as well as improve your success rate. This is needed to keep your reputation in tact. It will also build your referral base, which can be a life-line for a service business.

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