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Here you will find colon cleanse reviews of some of the most popular products on the market. This is different than the product reviews where more general products are covered. I did not include links here since some require "affiliate" programs stating that I would not be able to discuss a competitor on the same page. (So what's the point?)

In these colon cleanse reviews, I attempted to be as objective as possible. I believe they are all good products, but at the same time have their limitations. No one product will be good for all, and most of us should try more than one. Not at the same time - but hopefully you will cleanse more than once in your life.

Colonix by Dr. Natura

This one certainly wins for the most testimonials - assuming they are true. Many professionals find this aspect to be hinky since the average customer will not take time to send letters of praise unless solicited in some way.

That being said, the herbs in the product are the common cleansing herbs used in many programs. The unfortunate thing about this is the laxative "tea" that one must take to help move out waste. Senna is the main ingredient here and although a natural fruit seed, is still a toxin and can be addictive to your intestinal tract.

However, when used with care, this program may be worthwhile and effective for those who have never cleansed before and the tea may help those who need the extra help and are able to use it properly. (Any time one senna is used, you have to be smart about easing into and out of use.)

One issue I have with this program is that the website does not seem to be very knowledgeable in colonic therapy, holistic health or cleansing diets.

For example; the diet page is vague on what to eat citing the standard medical advice such as limit sodium and eat foods that are nutrient dense. While eating a true cleansing diet, you should not consume too many foods with labels and fake ingredients.

The lack of holistic knowledge on this site only concerns me because there does not seem to be enough knowledge to help the consumer properly. When cleansing, take care to follow a cleansing diet, find the right exercise, and know how to deal with cleansing effects and ease out of your cleanse.

Pro's - of this product is the herbs used are legitimate and can work for most who follow a proper cleansing diet. First time cleansers may see results which can be very motivating. Keep in mind there is a laxative effect and you must make dietary changes.

Con's are the laxative which may be addictive if you do not know how to work it and inform yourself beyond their website.

Sonne or Vitratox

The two brand names above are actually the same product, just sold in different ways. I feel this is an excellent product.

These were the products of Dr. Victor Iron's, one of the first true advocates of modern day colon cleansing.

The products are wonderful and I had regularly used them for myself and clients. They do what they are supposed to do. Just be sure to read the instructions and be sure to eat properly while using this.

Oxy-Powder by Global Health Center

Oxy-Powder is a popular colon cleanse product that does not use any fiber at all. It is claimed that the higher level of oxygen infused into the product will help break down intestinal plaque therefore you don't need fiber.

This is not proven - but then research on true holistic therapies is rare. It is a possibility this would happen if you are eating a healthy, cleansing diet. But then again, the point of eating a cleansing diet is to allow the body to digest the old waste - so does the added oxygen expedite this process?

Only you can tell while you take the product. In my experience with clients who took oxygen-based products, they can be harsh and work more like a laxative (body expels fluids from, and not necessarily the ones you want to expel). I have not seen a client successfully eliminate built up waste using this type of product.

Pro's of this product is the added ingredient called Organic Germanium-123, which seems to be an exciting discovery. It stimulates the immune system and interferon production, which helps the body block virus reproduction.

This may be a good product for those who would like to do a "lymphatic cleanse" to build the immune system or for those with digestive issues that cannot handle any type of fiber at all. But use with care.

Con's are that you may just receive a laxative benefit, not a true cleanse. If you try this type of cleanse, keep in mind the main ingredient, magnesium, has a laxative effect. If you are releasing a lot of clear water instead of waste, you could be dehydrating yourself, which is not cleansing.

Herbal Fiberblend by American Image Corp

is one of my favorites. It includes all the herbs and fiber in one product. Instead of a laxative it uses cascara sagrada, an herb that stimulates peristalsis (contractions) in the small intestine by causing the release of hormonal oils. This is not a toxic, but a natural response to help the body move out waste as it is softened by the fiber. (Beware that medical professionals may call cascara sagrada a laxative, but it will only work as an unhealthy laxative when taken out of context of cleansing herbs and in excessive amounts.)

Pro's are; it is all-in-one product with no pills to swallow. Because of this, you can more easily adjust the amount you take. In my 15 years experience of working with clients, this product works for most people. For those who thought they couldn't take it - it was because they were starting by taking too much. You should start slowly with any product even if it means starting with a 1/4 teaspoon.

Con's are the taste. Some say the graininess of the herbs tastes like dirt. Add to this the fact that it contains cayenne pepper which is excellent to strengthen heart tissue and increases the capacity of other herbs. Also beware the "pill" version does not work as well as the powder version.

Arise & Shine

This is an excellent line of products. The fiber supplement and the clay work wonderfully as do the greens. It is a great cleanse that I have used for the 7 day intensive. It is similar to the Sonne brand of products.

Pro's are that it really helps move out the mucosal plaque buildup. The instruction are informative.

Con's are that I have known some that have used the 7 day intensive without the great results. After working with people who did not have good results, it turned out that it was due to lack of proper preparation for the 7 day fast.

Also, I consider it a downside when the only way you can order it is through a distributor. This may make it difficult to obtain and more expensive due to shipping costs.

Dr. Schulze

Dr. Schulze's products are an extremely popular product and I may make some people angry here... The "Intestinal Formula #1" is a powerful laxative that includes senna as the main ingredient. Laxatives, even senna, work by causing the body to bring water from throughout your body to the intestinal area then your intestines spasm to get it out. This can be dehydrating and addictive while not strengthening the body.

The green superfood taste like seawater or fish. This is not the real problem, however. I have worked with many people using many different green superfoods and have been able to compare results thousands of times over. I just haven't seen great results with this one... sorry.

Pro for Dr. Schulze's line is all the information he gives! He may sound extreme at first - I've even heard some refer to him as a nut job. But everything he says about healing, the body heals itself and how the medical community hates cleansing are all true. He has a strong way of getting across a point. This is motivating and helps you realize the seriousness of taking charge of your own health.

Also, I believe the individual products such as the echinacea, and liver cleanser are excellent. If you decide to focus on an individual organ or system, these are a worthwhile investment to add to your program.

This may also be an excellent first time cleanse for many. You can see drastic results which can be very motivating and rewarding. But you still must be careful, pay attention, monitor yourself and make lifestyle changes.

Con's are the extensive product line. Once again the focus seems almost to be on healing individual areas as opposed to treating the body as one unit. You cannot heal one organ without the other, therefore to help your whole body, it seems you must spend a lot of money by the time you are complete.

If you have a product you would like reviewed, feel free to let me know through the Contact Form. Use any product with care, realize that you are taking charge of your own health and inform yourself - don't rely on a companies' product marketing as education.

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