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Common Sense and Colon Cleansing

One reason I have this website is to inform people. I believe it is important to explain in simple terms how the body works and how holistic practices benefit us. This way we can understand how many holistic principles are really common sense approaches to taking care of our health.

As an example, I’ll share with you my argument to an article I came across today. I always like to try to keep up on the latest cleansing information available, and here’s what I found.

Dr. Michael Picco, M.D., gastroenterologist for the Mayo Clinic, gave his point of view of colon cleansing as a medical doctor on the Mayo Clinic’s website. When asked if colon cleansing was valid his answer was basically - no.

He claims that although doctors recommend it before a medical examination, it is unnecessary because your colon doesn't require help such as diets, pills or enemas. He states the reason for this is because your colon can eliminate all waste on it's own.

The truth is that doctor’s do not recommend a colon cleansing before a medical examination. They usually require a strong pharmaceutical laxative that will basically “blow out” any loose debris – the medical way of colon cleansing. Colon cleansing in holistic terms would never use a pharmaceutical laxative.

Since he compares it to the doctor’s use before a medical exam, he seems to think “colon cleansing” is a one-time thing such as a colon hydrotherapy session. Not only does this show his ignorance about the process of cleansing, it also ignores the fact that colon cleansing is not a colonic.

Colon cleansing is the use of supplements and proper eating over a period of seven days to a month or so, to clear buildup and restore balance to the entire digestive tract and body. (Some may incorporate a series of colonics during this time.)

He goes on to state that the colon doesn’t need enemas or special diets or pills to eliminate waste material because it can do this on it’s own. This is true in a perfect world where everyone eats healthy every day. (Where is this place?) And – just because you do eliminate every day does not mean it is all leaving.

I once read that a “board certified nutritionist” claimed we don’t need to help our bodies’ detox, be assured that whatever your body doesn’t need, it will eliminate. If this is true then can I eat as many cookies and junk food as I want? Because I don’t need it, my body will eliminate it… right?

The fact is that constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the United States is proof that the colon does need help. Common sense should tell us from here that if we can’t evacuate efficiently, then we are in for some problems. I mean, if it’s not leaving, where is it?

And please note that elimination is not only a process of the colon – it involves many organs from the stomach to the small intestines, liver and kidneys. They are all connected somehow, so if one area is disrupted, all will be affected.

Now I will address the second part of his reasoning for not colon cleansing. He states that it can be harmful by disrupting the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance with long-term effects such as malnutrition, anemia and heart failure. This would be true if colon cleansing involved using pharmaceutical laxatives – but it doesn’t.

The truth is that healthy eating and herbs will not cause malnutrition, anemia or heart failure. Even a colonic is only water.

Use common sense and think about what people are trying to tell you. You will see more and more messages these days attempting to inform you about why the body stores fat and Raw Food Diets . A medical proponent may tell you they are only trying to make money since they may be selling a book or program. But who makes more money - selling a $45 book or charging $100-$300 per hour to prescribe medications?

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