The Colonic Myth - Are They Any Good?

One of the most unpleasant aspects of a colon cleansing program to think about, yet one of the most powerful when done correctly is the colonic.

First, let me establish that a colonic is not the same as a colon cleanse. A colon cleanse should refer to a program that includes a change in diet, taking supplements to help your body remove internal waste and possibly body work such as colonics, massage or lymphatic drainage.

In spite of becoming popular in the last decade, colonics have been around for thousands of years. No deaths have ever been reported (unlike the thousands of death each year due to medical problems, mistakes, adverse reactions and such), yet rumors and taboo still surround the practice.

A colonic is typically administered with a special machine made for the purpose. This machine regulates the temperature and pressure allowing you or the therapist to massage the stomach, if needed or preferred. Water is used to flush the colon and stimulate the intestinal tract.

The main thing to keep in mind about a colonic is that it is not a cure-all or a cleanse in and of itself. A colonic is most effective when you are eating a cleansing diet. The more starches consumed, the more difficult and uncomfortable your colonic will be. On the other hand, eating a diet mainly consisting of vegetables will ensure your body is not over-taxed, therefore more able to remove excess waste as the colonic stimulates your body's natural cleansing (removal) processes. I know this sounds gross, but do not mistake thinking that just because you have a bowel movement every day means you do not need one. The reason people do colonics is to get the built-up waste (stuff that has not been leaving) that is now ready to leave because of the way you are eating and the supplements you are taking.

My Special E-Course, The SpringClean Cleanse was written to clear up misconceptions about colonics, cleansing and holistic health in general. I hope this little bit helped you understand a little more about colon hydrotherapy and cleansing. Thanks for reading!

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