Doctors Discuss the Colonic and Colon Cleansing

I am always on the look out to see if doctors ever open their minds to using a colonic or body cleansing. Yesterday morning I happened upon a show on the cable news station, MSNBC. The show was called Dr. Nancy and she was discussing colonics of all things! So, of course I watched only to be disappointed by the medical community once again.

During this show, three doctors sat around and discussed cleansing your body, colonics, why or why not one should use a colonic, and if they were safe. My first problem with the show was that there were three doctors, none of which had experience with colonics. How can anyone give an informed opinion if they have no experience, whatsoever?

What is Cleansing?

Not surprisingly, none of them really knew how the procedure was done. They did not realize that a colonic was not the same as a colon cleanse. (For those who do not know, a colonic is a therapy session used during a cleanse, a colon cleanse is the entire process of cleansing by incorporating diet, supplements and colonics or some other type of bodywork if desired.)

Some facts that doctors have right is that many people believe that "a clean colon" is for beauty reasons and leads to perfect health. It is also true that almost all colonoscopies will reveal no impaction of anything in the colon, no matter how sick or overweight a person is. Both are right.

First, cleansing can lead to excellent health - not just a colonic or even a series of colonics. Secondly, the built up waste is in the small intestine as excess mucus and proteins build up on the already existing mucus lining. This does not seem to happen in the large intestine, or colon itself.

Do You Want a Clean Colon?

The goal of colon cleansing is not to get a "clean colon." A colonic is for the purpose of helping your body regain muscular peristalsis throughout the entire small and large intestine and to help the body remove excess waste that it cannot do on its own.

This will not happen in one colonic session. During the process, much waste will leave the body. But the colonic uses only water to cause the body to react and eliminate the toxins itself.

This is important since toxins from your blood, lymph and liver all end up in this area to be eliminated. If your body is backed up, just like a slow drain with clog build-up around the sides, the liver, blood and lymph cannot completely clear itself. This leads to a slow accumulation of waste building up.

It is a medical fact that your body cannot eliminate anything it doesn't need. This is proven by the fact that people gain weight. Simply put, eating too much junk and processed food causes obesity and sickness. The body does not need all the fat, sugar and chemicals of junk food, but when we eat too much of it our body does not eliminate it, it stores it as weight, waste and enlarged fat cells.

Another doctor said people in the cleansing community had a "fascination with poop." The medical community should have such a "fascination." Perhaps we would all be healthier. (Personally, I would rather have a fascination with body cleansing over drugs.)

Lastly, it was sad to see three doctors ponder the question of why a clean colon would make one healthier. I guess medical school does not teach them how the colon is connected to the small intestine, which is linked to the liver, kidneys, circulatory system and so on.

In my opinion, all doctors should have some training in holistic health. For too long, we have had our body parts separated by the heart doctor (Cardiologist), the stomach doctor (Gastroenterologist), the bum doctor (Proctologist), the brain doctor (Neurosurgeon) and so on; while our bodies work as one unit. If one area is out of whack - it will affect the rest. Just like your car engine, what would happen if your gas tank was clogged?

Personally, I will not use a doctor that looks down on holistic health. My health is my choice and I will not be forced to believe that only drugs will heal me - especially after all I have seen and personally been through.

In this day and age, education is key to taking care of yourself, your health and the health of your family. A second opinion cannot hurt.

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