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Colonics Los Angeles; Offering safe, gentle and effective colonics with over 20 years experience.  Because colon hydrotherapy is beneficial for many people, we try to keep prices affordable for all.  Sessions start at $85 for one but we offer 3 sessions for $225 ($75 each) or 6 sessions for $420 ($70 each).

First Time Client Special

$180/3 Sessions or $350/6 Sessions
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Nutritional Counseling is part of the session, for those who request, with an emphasis on helping the body's natural ability to cleanse and detoxify.  Each person has individual requirements, so a program is tailored to help you get results as we work with your body and lifestyle.

Cindy is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist with a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition as well as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Certified Spiritual Guide (with the Ecclesiology & Kingdom University TM).   This is an integrative session utilizing body, mind and spirit with the belief that all is interconnected.

SpringClean Colonics Los Angeles is more than a
Colon Hydrotherapy Session

We use a "Closed System" so there is no exposure to airborne toxins.  All tubing is disposable and discarded after one use, and the water is triple filtered for your protection.

The client is covered from neck to ankle with a gown the entire session for your comfort.  Water is slowly and gently introduced into the colon and the body is "nudged" into working the way it should; without stimulants or medications.  Many people worry about the comfort of the session, so you can be assured the water speed is a trickle, allowing the body time to adjust.

Cindy keeps you informed of what is happening during the session, and is gifted with intuition and the ability to help you release both physically and energetically.

Colon hydrotherapy along with a healthy body cleansing program has helped changed lives.  You can learn how various foods interact with your body and even how they affect your emotions and spirit.  This is one of the main reasons why people have a difficult time putting into words about how effective and life changing cleansing the body can be.

Why Colon Hydrotherapy Works

Our bodies are designed to cleanse and detoxify unwanted substances such as bacteria and other debris from our environment or alcohol, which it can change into water for easier "detoxing."

Many of us realize that if we over consume anything, whether it be a food or drug, the side effects may be detrimental.  Over consuming certain foods can lead to obesity while over consumption of medications, alcohol, or recreational drugs can lead to death.  In either case, our bodies were not able to keep up with the detoxification process and became overwhelmed, causing distress.

Most of us do not get to the point of immediately poisoning ourselves with these toxic substances.  Instead, the build up of toxins is slow with side effects of excess weight, fatigue, skin problems and even health issues that show up years later.  In most cases, we attribute the problems to genetics or bad luck. 

As our bodies store more waste and toxins, the less efficient it becomes, allowing even more waste buildup and weaker or less efficient body processes. 

It is the belief in the holistic world that we can be proactive and help our bodies become stronger to remove excess waste and toxin buildup.  Through body cleansing programs and colonics (also called colon hydrotherapy), we can help our bodies shed excess waste and toxic buildup. 

Just as dieting helps people lose weight, using a cleanse or detox diet can take the extra burden off your digestive system, allowing it to work on removing excess, built up debris.  As your body has more energy to direct towards the natural cleanse and detoxing process, it can become efficient once again.

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