Complete Body Cleanse

A complete body cleanse can help you cleanse your colon and clear toxic buildup such as stored chemicals and heavy metal toxins, which may be stored in your muscle tissues, fatty deposits, fat cells, and even around your organs.

A colon cleanse and a body cleanse will work pretty much the same. A colon cleanse usually consists of supplements to help strengthen your body and sweep your intestines and colon to rid waste. A complete body cleanse adds other supplements that may help clear stored toxins from your muscle tissue and organs in addition to the colon cleanse.

Some herbs or supplements that aid in a complete cleanse are:

  • Cilantro helps to detox toxic metals, such as mercury, by mobilizing it.

  • Chlorella is important to help the body remove the mobilized toxins.

  • Fiber supplements and the fibers in veggies and fruits help bind toxic chemicals for removal.

  • Bentonite clay attracts chemical and metal toxins to help remove them from the body. This substance cannot be absorbed into the body, it move through your body attracting toxins to it.

Doing a colon cleanse or body cleanse will help your body do what it is designed to do. Adding the right nutrition helps your body clear itself of waste, strengthens your organs of detoxification and keep you strong and healthy. Just as your body needs nutrition to build muscle and keep your skin tight, your organs need nutrition to do their jobs, too.

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