Health Care Practitioners - Your Computer Skills are Important

As holistic health care practitioners, you may be slightly hesitant to worry about your computer skills. After all, we are a hands-on group that enjoys working with people, not machines. But keeping your computer skills updated is a necessary thing in today's business world - especially if you work for yourself.

Now we know the obvious about the basics of doing research to keep our holistic health knowledge updated - and this is fairly easy. But what more do you need? Here's a short list:

  • Your Basic Microsoft Word and Excel are important tools since they are used as a basis for many computer programs. Excel will help you create and maintain client lists, supplement suppliers, and equipment suppliers. Knowing how to use these spreadsheets will not only help you create your lists, but you will be able to stay organized as your health business grows.
  • Web and Media Design - Whether you have a website or not, these skills are becoming more and more necessary. If you are a health practitioner working as an independent contractor, you may do your own advertising. Many times print magazines and newspapers require your ad request to be in a computer application. At the least, having done this yourself you will same money on your ads. Knowing the very basics of creating your own website will not only bring you more business, but save you up to $5,000 for a professional to build your site for you. Even website programs with templates require some knowledge of html.
  • Sales - This is an ugly word to many holistic health practitioners but the reality is that we must sell ourselves if we want to get the word out about us. You may know that a certain therapy or supplement can save people thousands of dollars by preventing pharmaceutical dependency. But how will they know unless you advertise... sell yourself? Certain programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Powerpoint can help you put together beautiful presentations to get your point across.
Don't be like me and delay these skills on a learn-as-you-go basis. I regret it as I feel not having the right skills set me back by at least five years. I, like many people, have started teaching my children about these programs - even website building, so they are ready when they start working for themselves.

If you are hesitant about spending your hard-earned money - check out the Video Professor and get a free trial. Some of the courses include; Adobe Photoshop, Excel, Quickbooks, Quicken, and more. The good part is you can save literally hundreds of dollars if you do decide to purchase his computer learning programs.

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