#8 - Is Your Cough a Surprising Symptom of This Ailment?

The flu season is upon us. In this issue you will find a couple items and recipes to help you stay strong or to help you if already affected. But first, check out this info about women and coughing.

Chronic or extensive coughing affects more women than men every year. Studies from the University of Turin found women affected with chronic cough had no sign of respiratory disease, including asthma, and no other evidence that could explain the chronic coughing. All the women did have swelling in the back of the mouth and inflamed mucous membranes.

All were found to have iron deficiencies and mild anemia. After two months of taking iron supplements, all either improved or completely resolved.

So ladies - if you get a cold and that cough never seems to go away, check out a product at your local health food store called "Floradix." It's a safe and non-constipating iron supplement that may help give you what your body needs

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