Cycle Your Diet for Excellent Health

Many people have not heard that you should cycle your diet for health. But it is a known trick that has been used for years by many professionals to help their clients lose weight, build muscle and ease food allergies or sensitivities.

The body likes - and needs change. We must constantly change our routines to keep the body, and health, moving forward. This type of nutrition also works for cleansing diet programs. I'll tell you how in a minute, but first, here's some everyday examples of how our bodies work in cycles.

  • Bodybuilder's have been using cycle diets to constantly stimulate muscle growth. They also cycle their workouts to keep the muscles stimulated.
  • Hair dressers often tell their clients to often change, or cycle, their shampoos and conditioners.
  • Many doctors, including medical doctors, will put their patients on a "Rotation Diet." By not eating the same food more than once in four days, the body will not be so sensitive to certain foods. In fact, if you eat the same foods every day, you run a good chance of developing an allergy or sensitivity to that food - even if it's healthy!
  • Our bodies work on a monthly hormonal cycle.
  • Our digestion is on a 24 hour cycle. (You can also cycle your diet within this 24 hour period for optimal digestion.)
  • Many weight loss programs use carb rotation diets for quicker or more efficient weight loss.

Now let's apply this to cleansing and health. Cycle your diet by eating a more strict cleansing diet while you are cleansing. Then after your cleanse, gradually go back to more balance in your diet. For example include a portion of protein and a serving of starch along with your veggies at lunch and/or dinner.

If you cycle your diet in this manner, your body will constantly respond to your diet. At the same time, you can avoid food allergies and sensitivities.

One last thing... if you have digestive issues, you may find that eating very strictly for a period of time (about 2 months) along with less strict after that for about 2 months, you may find your digestion is stronger. Add the diet to work with your digestive cycle and you can strengthen it even more.

So, cycle your diet for excellent health. Research more, learn more, take care of your body and it will take care of you. Take care and good health to all!

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