Ward Off Fatigue and Stress with Deep Breathing

Deep breathing techniques can help clear your mind, wake you up and give you more energy. One reason many of us have a difficult time staying on course to eat right for a cleanse or a weight loss program is because, frankly, we get tired.

When we are tired, we are weak and it is easier to go off-track. Add to this the fact that being sleepy may cause us to reach for that extra caffeine in soda or a latte that we are trying to clear out of our bodies. Creating more energy, naturally, can help you avoid this trap.

So, when you feel tired, or you feel the urge to reach for something that might hinder your goals, try deep breathing for five minutes instead. Here is a technique that I use to invigorate myself, sometimes just to get out of bed when it's cold out!

  • Sit on your bed, or a comfortable spot, with your legs tucked under you.
  • While breathing in, raise your arms gently over your head to let more air into your lungs.
  • Breathe in as deep as you can and hold it for just about two seconds
  • Exhale while bringing your arms down and in front of you. As your hands start to touch the surface you are sitting on, lean forward and continue to exhale as much as you can. Sometimes I do short, blowing breathes to get the last of the toxic air out.
  • After you exhale as much as you can, inhale as you did before while raising your arms overhead, and repeat the process.

Do this exercise slowly. Believe it or not, it is common practice to not breathe properly during the course of an entire day. This can greatly contribute to lack of energy, toxicity in our bodies and generally a lower level of fitness. Practicing this breathing technique has helped me gain more energy. Deep breathing may also help alleviate stress and depression.

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