#7 - Health Alert - Your Doctor is Not Trained in Herbs

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I got a cold. So I took my herbs "goldenseal/echinacea" combination to my doctor to ask if they were safe to take while pregnant.

He looked at me like I was from Mars and asked me why I was asking him about this supplement? "After all, I'm a doctor and trained in pharmaceuticals - not herbs." I laughingly showed him the label on the bottle which read "if pregnant ask your doctor before taking this herb." He again reminded me that a doctor is trained in pharmaceuticals, not herbs.

All doctors should be so honest. It is a fact that doctors are trained in pharmaceuticals, surgery, diagnosing and treating symptoms of disease. They are not trained in herbs or holistic practice. Therefore they have no right to tell their patients that herbs do not work. However, they may know if the body may be susceptible to a more severe reaction to a drug because of an herb.

This should be considered by all who decide to ask their doctors about herbs, massage, colon therapy or any holistic practice. Their practice is based on medical research and findings from the research.

If you are afraid to embark on a holistic program without your doctor's approval, keep in mind the one or two stories of people being "harmed" by holistic practices compared to the tens of thousands that die every year from medical practices.

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