Research Shows Echinacea Works

Reuters recently reported that Echinacea not only reduces symptoms of a cold, but may also prevent infection from some viruses.

For those who don’t know, Echinacea is an herb originally used by the Native Americans for various illnesses. It is comprised of nine different plant species indigenous to North America. I find it is best used in a liquid combination with Goldenseal. This herb is said to rev up the immune system by as much as 60%!

I like to use Echinacea during cold season to prevent illness. But it also works after you get a cold or virus to get over it quicker. You can find it in a children's form also. I prefer to use it in a combination with Goldenseal to ensure full immune response.

What made me happy about this article in particular is the honesty on how the first studies from 2005 were done to prove this herb didn’t work. Instead of having the study volunteers consuming the herb, they swabbed it up their noses with a cotton swab. Then it was only looked at to see if it reduced rhinovirus – it didn’t.

In addition, the pharmacist interviewed in this article mentioned that a larger, well-done random study needed to occur but probably would never happen because of lack of funding. He goes on to state that drug companies will not fund a study like this because it cannot patent an herbal product. If you’ve read any of my articles regarding supplements, you’ll know that I’ve talked about this for some time. Treatments found in nature cannot be patented, therefore the researcher cannot make millions/billions of dollars from the final product so there is no sense in researching it.

(FYI - This is my reason for not contributing to “aid’s walks” or “breast awareness” or so-called charities. I figure these drug companies have enough billions. Why give them my hard-earned money from my meager income so when they develop their latest drug, they can make the billions? I mean – if I contributed, shouldn’t I be rewarded just like any other venture capital investment? But I guess that’s another story.)

If you want a true measure of how a holistic treatment works, look for testimonials and ask around in your local health food stores. Learn how your immune system works so you can apply common sense. Any legitimate holistic or alternative treatment does not do the work for you. They work by strengthening your own body to work better on its own. Therefore, it is up to us to give our bodies the nutrition (strength) it needs to do the work it needs. Remember one of the “Golden Rules of Health” is that it takes ten times the nutrition to heal than it does to live on a day-to-day basis.

So anyway, back to the Echinacea – it’s about time someone told the truth about research. Knowing this will help people to make more responsible choices about what to put into their bodies. This is important in a day and age where many people give up their power and take drugs because research has proven it and in the case of herbs – there is no research showing it. (Now you know why!)

Remember if you decide to take Echinacea for a cold or even just to boost your immune system, try it in a liquid form so your body easily absorbs it. Also try to find it in a combination with Goldenseal. Only take it for one week and no longer than two weeks straight. It is a natural antibiotic and will lose its effectiveness if you take it longer than this.

As far as side effects – the article states what many holistic practitioners have been saying for years… it may cause harmful side-effects if you are taking prescription drugs. It is not the herb that is dangerous, but the interaction with drugs/pharmaceuticals.

Keep healthy with whole foods, whole plant supplements and try to stay organic. This is the best way to stimulate and strengthen your own natural immune system and responses.

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