Exercise for Health and Immunity

Exercise for health and immunity are connected. We all know that a healthy lifestyle incorporates a healthy diet and exercise, however many people aren't aware that exercise is beneficial beyond weight loss and looking good.

Low-level exercise has long been added to strength training to stimulate blood flow and help flush toxin buildup in the muscles that may be caused from lifting heavy weights. This same exercise for health can assist your colon cleanse and stimulate the immune system.

We all know that we must exercise for health. It is critical to fitness, wellness and longevity. What many don't know is that movement is also a beneficial addition to a colon cleanse, and has a positive impact on your immune system.

Regular exercise can decrease the risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It also stimulates your immune system to fight bacterial and viral infections.

Increased circulation of exercise will send antibodies and white blood cells through the body at a quicker rate. This increases their chance of finding and neutralizing harmful pathogens. In addition, low-level exercise will help the body flush toxins such as bacteria from the lungs, and waste through sweat and urine.

There are certain exercises that are better for health and immunity than others. As we have seen above, strength training actually causes its own toxins. The low-level aerobic types of exercise are best for flushing toxins from the body and stimulating the immune system. I like to incorporate exercises that help me stretch my muscles at the same time.

Walking briskly for 20-40 minutes 3-5 times a week is easy and requires no special equipment. Pay attention to how your feet land so you don’t twist an ankle and feel the stretch in your thighs and calves as you walk. It will keep you limber. In addition, fast-paced walking will pump your calf muscles – an action that moves your lymphatic system, which carries white blood cells through the body and carries waste out of the body.

Rebounding is the best exercise for health, immunity and longevity. Rebounding is a term for jumping on a trampoline designed for regular exercise. It stimulates your body to make more white blood cells, strengthens your bones, increases oxygen and circulation and can help dislodge waste buildup in the body.

Rebounding is normally started at 5 minutes a day and increased to anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes a day. Be careful to not get over-ambitious and jump to high.

Warning - Be sure to use a rebounder or trampoline that is made specifically for exercise, not the large one in your back yard. It does make a difference on your joints and bones. If you are serious about rebounding exercise, check out this site: The Needak Rebounder

Chi Machine is a passive exercise that moves your entire body while you lie down with your feet elevated on the machine. It moves your feet in a figure 8, which in turn sends a wave-like motion up your spine. This motion can help move toxins and increase circulation without too much effort. Therefore it is especially helpful for those too sick to move. You can find the chi machines with a speed control so that you can start slow if you need to.

These are not the only beneficial exercises. You can also bike ride, swim, take aerobics classes or anything that has an aerobic effect but is not too strenuous. Get your regular exercise for health and your immune system can be stronger along with your muscles.

Remember to learn more about colon cleansing to take the burden off your body, making it stronger in all areas.

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