Fat Loss Programs That Work

Fat loss programs seem to be all around - so how do you know which one is best? Most likely, most of them.

This is because most of them will incorporate similar dieting techniques as well as some type of exercise.

However, there are new fat loss programs on the market. This is because people are realizing that due to individual lifestyles, many of us have different needs.

In addition, in modern society, we are finding out things that need to be addressed, such as the fact that some environmental toxins, like perchlorate found in drinking water, can actually cause symptoms of hypo-thyroidism. And this is only one of the millions of chemicals used in modern life that finds its way into our food stream.

With this in mind, we are learning there are more ways to help fat loss programs work more effectively. Read and research programs that you come across to see what suits your lifestyle and desires. And don't get too caught up in "scientific research."

Remember that scientific research gave us artificial sweeteners, calcium-depleting sodas and low-fat baloney. Research also gave us the many drugs on the market that were later recalled for horrible side effects such as heart disease, depression and even death.

Instead, use common sense. For example; we know that if we consistently eat junk food we gain weight – proving wrong the theory that your body will eliminate or cleanse what it doesn’t need.

I am no doctor or scientist. But I have 20 years of experience. I am a Nutritional Counselor, Colon Therapist, trained in anatomy and massage therapy and continue to research and write about holistic health practices. And like you, I have common sense.

Put aside everything you think you know about health, and read everything you can to learn about the various fat loss programs available to you. Do not exclude any colon cleanse programs.

The SpringClean Intensive Fat Loss Cleanse

The SpringClean Whole Body Cleanse

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