Build Your Business with Generosity

Build your business with generosity by giving more than you charge for. This is the law of the universe, according to the popular books, “The Science of Getting Rich,” by Wallace Wattles and “The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrnes.

If you haven’t read either of these, both detail the philosophies used for centuries about the Universal Laws of Attraction. These laws are simple, yet difficult to master. Some of the principles are as follows:

  • God, the Universe or a Greater Power is all around
  • Everything was created by thought through this Power
  • We need to pray for, meditate, visualize our desires for a positive life
  • You will be rewarded for giving
  • Always be grateful for everything you receive.

As you go in depth with this philosophy, you are told to give more than you get. This is actually a very solid business philosophy, too.

According to the United States Small Business Administration - most businesses fail. The ones that make it have 5 common traits. One of these traits is a genuine concern or caring for your customer or clients. This is because if you have a passion about what you do and a true desire for your business to help others, then you have that extra drive needed to sustain and make a successful business.

You get people’s attention when you are generous with your time, information, etc. Many businesses give away bonuses to ensure their customers get more than what they pay for. Not only does this get attention, but makes customers happy.

If you care about your clients, it is easy to be generous. When you get busier, you must make some boundaries of your time, obviously. But how do you get to that point? Start with generosity.

This might include giving longer counseling times. You might spend a little extra time on the phone with a client when you can. You could give handouts, offer samples, or even brochures with enough information to qualify as a small book. Of course your business, name and phone number are on it.

Personally, I used to give nutritional consultations as part of the colonic session when a client signed up for a series. I felt it was imperative for the client to receive the knowledge, which would keep them on track (for I cannot eat the right foods and take the supplements for them). When they stayed on track they saw better, quicker results. When clients see results, everyone wins.

I also sometimes gave away free books. For example, I found an essential oils book I really liked. I found out I could buy 10-20 books at only $2 each, so I did. When I knew it would help a certain client, I simply gave them one. This added to their personal information, made them understand that they were special to me, let them know that I was truly grateful for their business, and after they read the book, gave them more self-empowerment… everyone wins!

By being generous, I would receive repeat clients who always referred others. I believe this practice helped turn my business into a referral-only in just about 1 ½ years.

Just a side note… You can download free copies just about anywhere on the internet of the book “The Science of Getting Rich,” Just Google “free copy, 'the science of getting rich'.”

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