#18 - Get Your Website to Work for You

No matter what your profession entails; a land service business, a store front, an e-commerce store or education, a website can do wonders to increase your business.

It used to be that we had 2 choices - pay $5,000 to do it right, or register a name, pay a host, pay for Search Engine Optimization (but who?), pay for another site to host a newsletter (and mail, subscribe, etc.), pay for advertising until the search engines recognize you one day, and so on. This also requires a steep learning curve.

Now we have another option. With business such as SiteBuildIt , we can package all the above together, learn how to market ourselves for free, learn how to get the search engines to recognize you legitimately, learn how to please the search engines legitimately, and get all your pages submitted automatically on a regular basis, and have free tracking tools to know when you're on - or off - track!

These days - people look for deals on the internet, search for specialists in their area, and mostly look for information before their purchase. So - how do you stand out from the competition? Give them a sample of your knowledge and professionalism! Freely share information with them so they see your expertise and have a reason to come to you. I know of a dentist to added an extra digit onto his monthly income from having a website. People trusted him so much they would drive out of their town to his to see him.

I highly recommend you do more research on this subject. The SBI product is only $300 per year and includes everything you need to get a site up and running and you learn a new skill in the process.

When I first started researching how to put together a website - $5,000 was the magic number. I have two friend who paid $2,000 and $10,000 for their sites. One went belly-up already... the $2,000 only covered creating the website and made it nice to look at. The $10,000 guy hasn't made his money back, yet. It's great to have a nice looking site - but that doesn't bring traffic.

SiteBuildIt will teach you how to bring traffic to your site in addition to all the technical stuff. They teach you what to do, automate most of it, and that leaves you to do what you do best - tell others about your expertise.

I really encourage all who have a business to check out this SiteBuildIt Quick Tour . Of course read all you can before you purchase... shop and compare. I did for 2 years before I made my move - but now I can help guide others without the painful years of waiting. It is worth every penny and more.

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