Grapefruit Juice Fast for Fast Fat Loss

As you may have already read, I love to do a grapefruit juice fast for about two or three days every summer. There is a technique to do this, so I'll share it with you.

First of all, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice is the best. I usually use two or three grapefruits for each drink. I use only grapefruit juice and have as much as I want. Using a hand juicer (non-electric) ensures that I have plenty of pulp in my drink. This helps cleanse the body and "sweeps" the intestinal tract.

Grapefruits have a fat-burning enzyme that can help your body shed belly fat. It can also reduce sugar and starch in the body while promoting digestion. Though fasting, your digestion will strengthen as your system is able to rest and clear itself. During this time, the grapefruit juice increases the flow of gastric juices which will enhance the cleansing process and prepare your body for eating again. Because of this, many fasting programs will end with a day of eating only grapefruit before embarking back on a regular diet.

If you are on prescription drugs, don't do this fast. A component of grapefruits called naringin is becoming widely known as a fat burner. But this nutrient could also affect the metabolism of prescription drugs.

But if you can do it, this is a wonderful way to fast if even for one day. Be sure to use only fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and try to get it locally if at all possible. Start with one day to be sure you feel good and don't go longer than three days since extended high amounts of Vitamin C can leach calcium from the body.

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