Do We Cleanse for Health or Vanity?

While watching health show the other day, it was debated as to why people take nutritional supplements. Those not in favor of supplements said the main reason people take them is vanity. I then question - is that wrong?

I have found over the years that whether people are in pursuit of health, anti-aging, weight loss, or many other reasons, if they use a good path, they will all achieve a similar result - health.

Your skin, your hair, your weight and even your disposition are all reflections of your inner self and inner health. So when you are healthy inside, your outer body reflects it with beauty and your mood shows through happiness and peacefulness. Here are the direct links.

Have you ever experienced a sugar rush or caffeine withdrawal? These are examples of food affecting your mood. I noticed when my children were young that when I tried to get by quick and cheap with fast food, they responded after the meal with crankiness and fatigue.

An experiment I used to tell my clients to try was to eat a very clean diet for only three days, mostly raw veggies, raw juices, little meat, and no sugar. Pay attention to how you feel. For the many who did not normally eat like this, they noticed how their mood changed for the better. They had more energy. They felt younger, lighter and happier.

Your brain function and mood need nutrients to work properly. Your brain needs nutrition such as Essential Fatty Acids and vitamin e to stay balanced. Herbs like ginko biloba increases blood flow in the brain while a fat found in lecithin improves concentration, short-term memory and mood.

Your skin and hair need nutrients including vitamins A and C so that your body continues to manufacture new skin cells and feed your hair follicles. Without proper nutrition, your skin could be more prone to free radicals and get wrinkles at an earlier age. Hair will thin without enough nutrition. Our bodies will eliminate toxins easier when we are healthy but store them when we are in bad shape. Once your body gets backed up, you could easily put on weight and have a difficult time getting it off. Genetics can only account for part of this because it is a fact that genes can be dormant or active. Even one prone to obesity can eat healthy foods to counteract being overweight.

I believe that cleansing is the key to good health and allowing our bodies to run efficiently for many years. I once had a client who was a medical doctor who felt that cleansing is the "missing link" in holistic health. I agree - colon cleansing is too often laughed at or put aside as something that one does when sick or a "health nut."

Cleansing, whether colon cleansing or body cleansing, should be part of every lifestyle. It is a natural process for the body that we should support. When we work with our bodies' processes we make it stronger.

If you want to learn more about how to create your own cleanse, check out my ebook, The Manual for Cleansing and Detoxification . You'll get 3 ebooks for the price of one, including the Handbook, How to do This Cleanse and a bonus 100 Cleansing Recipes, all for only $24.95. Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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