The SpringClean Cleanse - Guide for Professionals

The SpringClean Cleanse – The Manual for Cleansing and Detoxification is nearly ready. I will be selling it first as an e-book and offer newsletter readers a special price.

My book has been reviewed by other professionals in the industry and has been called “the best book ever written on the subject.” It will benefit all of you to further your learning and understanding of what Dr. Leonard Klepp, M.D., one of the founding father’s of “The College for the Advancement of Medicine” as “the missing link” in our health.

You will learn:

  • How to Use Digestive Cycles to Help Naturally Strengthen Your Client’s Digestion
  • How to choose the right supplements for your client’s cleanse, or even to put together your unique cleansing program
  • How to strengthen and prepare your client for the cleanse
  • How to guide your clients through the cleanse so they can alleviate and even avoid cleansing reactions
  • How to intensify the cleanse. I had many clients tell me they couldn’t fast, in fact were adamant that they could never, would never try. It was too stressful and they got too sick. Yet when they did the first 3 weeks of my cleanse, they came to me and told me they were ready to fast! They were able to overcome hypoglycemia, headaches and all the other side effects that can come when trying to cleanse without proper preparation.

    When this happens, the client becomes empowered, strong and now understands that she or he has the ability to overcome any illness by doing the right thing for their bodies. And they will thank you for helping them get there. This creates clients for life as well as more referrals.

  • You will learn how to teach sanity through nutrition.
  • You will learn how to use the 3 aspects of cleansing to help all of your clients get more benefit from any program you put them on.
  • And of course too much to mention here. But more details will come.

I hope you take advantage of the offer. I will be sending an email soon – so watch for it!

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