#10 - Have a Healthy Holiday

Many of us encounter cleansing problems during the holidays because of the many parties and celebrations which include traditional foods. There is a way to find balance by having your holiday fun and stick to your cleanse.

Remember that cleansing is a process that is natural to the body. The herbal supplements we take for cleansing help by giving our bodies' strength to cleanse and by helping to kill "bad guys" and prepare waste for removal. If you have already started your cleansing program, or want to start, you can continue to take your supplements right through the holidays. Even if you have a celebration or party, it takes only a minute to stop and take your supplements and then go on with your day.

As far as food, you still can eat your healthy cleansing diet during any holiday season. Follow the correct eating every day up until "party day," then on the special day, keep your meals healthy by starting the day with at least one piece of fresh fruit. Be sure to have your green salad before lunch and dinner, if possible. Doing this can curb your appetite for the party foods a bit. Also, if you are going to eat foods that you know aren't exactly right for the cleanse, at least eating the healthy foods and nutritional supplements will ensure that you're still getting the nutrition you need to counteract any fun foods.

After the party, get right back on track. Remember it's what you do most of time, not some of the time.

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