Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is important if you want to lose weight, stay energetic and healthy and keep it off for good. Excess weight can be in many forms and caused for a number of reasons from sluggish metabolism to under-active thyroid. But the cause for excess weight is metabolism or thyroid, what can we do about it? Here are some little known facts about excess weight.

Our culture is one of fast living with many people constantly on the go. Often we turn to convenience foods or fast foods to save time. When we get home, we are often tired, worn out and mentally stressed. This may lead us to convenient choices for dinner such as take-out foods, pre-made foods and processed or boxed foods that we need only open and add one or two more ingredients. Unfortunately, these types of foods may be more detrimental than we think, especially if the terms “light” or “natural” are found on the label, as these often contain hidden sugars and other substances that add to our sluggishness and fatigue.

Consuming unhealthy foods on a regular basis can take its toll on our health and make it difficult to lose weight. This is because when we consume toxins such as chemical pesticides, harmful bacteria or viruses, food additives that may be carcinogens or when we create toxins while under stress, our bodies’ defense is to excrete extra, or excess mucus to stop the absorption of the toxins into the bloodstream. Toxic buildup not only affects the intestinal tract, but many other parts of our bodies such as the thyroid gland, pineal gland and pituitary glands, which are known to attract chemical pollutants. inhibit thyroid function, causing excessive weight gain.

In addition, processed foods and overeating can cause your digestion to become sluggish. This may lead to a buildup of internal waste in the intestinal tract, which may be composed of excess proteins the body could not digest and excess mucous excreted in defense of toxins all adding up to a cycle of weight gain. Many experts in the health field say the average person has approximately 10 pounds of this buildup, which may inhibit metabolism.  But there are many ways to help your body overcome these issues and achieve healthy weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

To help your body cleanse and create an internal setting making healthy weight loss easier, start with a diet free of chemicals, pesticides and processed foods.

Replace these with fresh, organic, whole vegetables and fruits and fresh made juice. The juice gives you energy and nutrients your body needs to stay active and strong. Fresh, whole veggies and fruits provide not only vitamins and minerals, but the best fiber for your intestinal tract to help sweep and clear buildup of debris and waste.

Drink plenty of fresh water to help your body cleanse and flush toxins and pollutants that have been neutralized by your liver. You may also add herbals teas and lemon or lime juice to give your body's cleansing abilities and extra boost and to add variety and flavor.

Keep grains and meats to a minimum for a few weeks. If you do eat grains, be sure they are whole, organic and try to eat the more alkaline grains such as quinoa and amaranth. If you eat animal protein, be sure to keep the portion small enough so your body can fully digest it.

To boost your body's ability to eliminate excess weight, try nutritional supplements and fiber to make your body stronger and fill in any nutritional gaps. Certain herbs such as barley grass, wheat grass, kelp and chlorella, help strengthen your bodies’ capacity to kill or neutralize and eliminate toxins. This includes toxins that buildup on various organs such as the thyroid and liver.

Keep in mind that healthy weight loss takes time. Often we forget that our bodies did not gain weight over night. It takes time for excess weight to build up, so be patient and allow your body to reverse the process. Use motivational tricks to help stay on track, such as clearing your kitchen of all junk foods, reading books about health and looking at pictures of beautiful, healthy foods to counteract the food industry's commercials and images of unhealthy foods that can trigger cravings. Also try meditation, visualization, taking baths, and any other tricks to help you stay strong.

Losing weight is a process, and often a journey that is worth the hard work. Stay on a search for healthy recipes to take the place of unhealthy foods. Eventually, these will be the foods you crave. And always remember, if you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

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