Help Your Client's Navigate Through the Health Care Crisis

Now is the time for you health care professionals to help your clients deal with this so-called “health care crisis” that we are experiencing in the United States. If anyone has seen Obama’s take on the health care crisis, he is stressing a larger focus needs to be placed on prevention - what we health care practitioners have been teaching for centuries!

Unfortunately the mainstream view of prevention is more and earlier testing for disease – which isn’t truly prevention, in my opinion. I believe prevention stems from holistic and alternative practices which help put the body in a disease-free state and many times not allowing a disease to take hold in the first place.

This is where professionals of holistic health can help their clients; by stressing the importance of true prevention through holistic health practices. It is up to you, us, to teach how diet, supplements, herbs and certain body work can help strengthen your body to fight all disease, including heart disease and cancers.

Use this time to help your clients help themselves. Teach them true prevention, give them other resources to help them on their journey, and spread the word that taking care of your body lessens the need for fighting disease once it is set in.

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