Help Your Body Cleanse by Jumping

You can help your body cleanse faster by jumping on a trampoline, an exercise called rebounding.

Rebounding is becoming more widely known as the exercise to help stimulate your lymphatic system, help your blood circulate better, increase oxygen throughout your body, and even strengthen your bones.

NASA has recognized rebounding. Astronauts used rebounding to recover from the effects of zero gravity, including loss of muscle mass and bone density. Scientific blood analysis showed the increased G-force of rebounding helped strengthen weakened blood cells. Add to all this NASA even noted in a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology that rebounding is 68% more efficient than jogging with zero impact. In other words, little stress to the joints.

The reason I promote it for cleansing is the effect it has on the immune system. It is noted that rebounding can flush the entire lymphatic system in just two minutes. After 10-20 minutes (and not necessarily straight, but it can be done 2 minutes at a time) that the white blood cell count nearly triples providing a much stronger defense system to destroy harmful pathogens and cancer cells.


I would never advocate jumping on just any trampoline. I tried this at first not knowing any better and almost wrecked my knees. I had no idea there were safer models out there.

I was so skeptical it took a friend of mine to buy one for me to get me to try it. And the results were nothing short of amazing! It was like jumping on the Cadillac of trampolines; no jarring, no pain on my knees, and only benefits.

At first I thought my insides were going to fall out. (I did have 2 babies at this point.) But after 1 week I felt stronger and after 2 weeks of 10 minutes each day, I felt like I was wearing a girdle, my abs felt so tight!

Now I keep it up to help jar any "built up waste" as I cleanse and I know it helps keep all my muscles firm, including my facial muscles.

If you decide to try one, I would only recommend the Needak unit. It is made for exercising and safety. If you need, you can purchase a separate "stabilizing bar" for steadiness.

Remember you don't have to jump high to receive benefits so don't knock yourself out. Just jump, cleanse, get healthy and have fun!

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