Herbs that cleanse the body

Along with foods and bodywork, there are herbs that cleanse the body. Holistic cleansing is accomplished when these three elements come together and aid our bodies to remove toxins.

There are an overwhelming number of colon cleanse products on the market that tell you they have the herbs that cleanse the body, but which ones work? The following is a guide to supplemental, herbal nutrition. See what certain herbs can do.

What do Cleansing Herbs do?

We all cleanse for different reasons. Many of us want to feel better, more energetic, or maybe even help the body fight a disease. Here you can learn how the herbs that cleanse the body do this.

Holistic cleansing helps us accomplish the above by clearing out the waste that is an excess burden on our bodies. Much of this waste may be in the form of intestinal waste build-up. So when choosing herbs, we should be looking for those that clear toxins out of the tissue, loosen and aid in elimination of mucosal plaque, and strengthen our bodies.

Strengthening our bodies should be a primary concern. In the long run, we want to be healthier and stronger, not dependent on herbs or pharmaceuticals.

Herbal Guide
This is a list of herbs with their traditional uses.

Intestinal Cleansing Powders
Intestinal cleansing powders is a term for a fiber and herbal supplement blend. It is important to choose one that will be well rounded and not too harsh, which may cause too much cramping. This will be the product that actually softens the mucoid plaque lining and even aid in its removal. The herbs added should help to sooth and strengthen the entire digestive tract and help to kill of or neutralize toxins that may start circulating in your system while cleansing.

Green Superfoods
Besides herbs that cleanse your body, it is helpful to consume extra nutrition. The herbs do cleanse, but ultimately your body is doing the work. It needs help to remove mucoid plaque. Remember that plaque means plastic. It will not leave overnight, so during your cleanse, your body will be working overtime to digest daily food, take on your daily chores, and working to eliminate old waste. A superfood is called this because they are packed with nutrients from proteins to vitamins and minerals, in just a small amount of powder or liquid.

Intestinal Parasite Herbs with Cleanse
For those who need extra, there are herbs that can be taken with a cleanse to help in the killing and elimination of parasites. Check out this parasite cleanse.

Blood Parasites Cleanse
Determine if you would like to try or need a parasite cleanse.

Colon cleanse with clay
Some cleansing programs incorporate using bentonite clay to aid in the removal of mucoid plaque. Taken in small amounts, the clay adheres to the plaque lining to and will soften it over time. In turn, the plaque will become loose and eventually eliminated.

Probiotics are supplements that provide the healthy bacteria to your digestive tract. Click this link to find out if these are necessary for your program.

Essential oils
Oils are included with herbs that cleanse your body. Although not an herb, some do consider them a nutritional supplement. I feel they help during a cleanse. Some essential oils are said to kill bacteria by absorbing directly into the lymphatic system. Some are very calming and smelling them may even relieve healing crisis symptoms such as nausea or headaches.

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