How We Heal and Stay Healthy

One of the golden rules of health and how we heal is that you need ten times the amount of nutrition to heal than you do to survive on a daily basis. How can we possibly consume ten times the amount of nutrition than we are eating now?

There are simple rules to follow that can be incorporated into our daily programs. And we’re not talking vitamin pills. If you are in any way sick or depleted, your body cannot break down and probably cannot process the vitamin anyway. So what can you do?

How we heal not only depends on what you eat, but what you don't eat as well. So... if you eat junk food – stop. Junk foods and many processed foods will not provide the quality nutrition that one needs to heal. We all know by now that junk foods are empty calories. In other words, they have many calories but provide no benefit in the form of nutrition.

Processed foods are not much better – depending on how processed it is. Many of these foods are broken down and have critical parts removed to make it last longer through shipping and on the store shelves. For example, the wheat germ of bread will be removed because this is the part that can spoil quickly. However, this is the part that contains most of the nutrition!

To compensate, the food will be replaced with synthetic (laboratory made) vitamins and minerals, which can’t even be absorbed by the body. This is where you will see the term “enriched.” It is enriched with a synthetic vitamin/mineral to make up for that lost through processing.

Now that you understand why those should be cut out – what can we replace it with? As already stated, how we heal will depend on the nutrition you are able to consume.

One of the best sources of nutrition for people, healthy or sick, is vegetable juice. Veggie juices are packed full of nutrition that your body can assimilate. It doesn’t have to be digested because it is already broken down – perfect for those on the mend. And don’t worry about the “sugar.” The natural sugars of a vegetable are not the same and are not processed by your body in the same way as refined, processed, white sugar.

Different veggies provide different nutrition, so variety is key. But why does a juice work better? We'll look at carrots as an example. We can drink 10 carrots easily. And this is a great thing for a super-food like carrots, which provide the nutrition and building blocks for new skin cells, new hair cells and healthy blood. On the other hand, you could never eat, digest and assimilate all the nutrition from the same 10 carrots in one meal. Our bodies can only digest so much at once, and that’s if you chew all of the food until it becomes liquid in the mouth. Many of us simply don’t have the time.

Another great “food” to add to your daily regimen is a green superfood, which contributes to our immune system and how we heal. These are usually dried powders added to water. The ingredients will be grasses from barley or wheatgrass and sometimes contain seaweeds such as kelp. These dark greens provide packed nutrition including a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Again, they can be assimilated into the system without having to be digested. And most are minimally processed - usually quick-dried to keep the nutrients in tact.

If you feel you really need a vitamin supplement – find a whole food vitamin. These are made using the whole plant instead of being picked apart in a lab. Your body knows the difference. Next time you go to your local health food store, pick up a book on making your own fresh vegetable and fruit juices, as most will explain how we heal. Also, swing by the “green superfoods” section of the supplement department and spend a little time reading. You’ll be surprised at how easily you can transform you health regimen.

Cindy Papp was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1992. She started using various cleansing and holistic programs in 1994 which lead to total recovery in 1998. She is free of the disease to date. Cindy is a Ceritified Nutritional Counselor, a Certified Colon Therapist and trained in massage therapy. She owned and operated a health center in the San Fernando Valley of California, specializing in total body cleansing, until she sold it 2004.

Cindy has put much of her expertise on cleansing on her website where you can learn more about the right way to cleanse, and how to choose the best cleanse for you.

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