Learn and Work with Your Client's Cycles

Even though we are all different, our bodies are the same. Your liver is designed to do exactly what mine does and my thyroid is designed to do exactly what yours does. In this regard we are all the same.

The same is true about our bodies' cycles. All of us work on a Circadian Rhythm from our hormonal cycles (men included) to our daily digestive cycles. Hair even grows more and falls out more in cycles.

When we take into consideration that our entire body and its systems work best in cycles, it is easier to see why diets need to be constantly updated and monitored as well as supplements and body therapies. So to better work with your clients, learn body cycles and how they work.

The body likes change. You see this most clearly when it comes to supplements. People take something (like fiber) and say it works great. Then after a couple months it seems to "stop working." The supplement did not stop working, the body stopped responding to it. This is time for a change. Either stop the fiber supplement or replace it with another type of fiber (for example exchange psyllium for crushed flax seeds).

Body builders have long been known to cycle their diets for optimum muscle development. Allergist and some doctors cycle diets to give relief to allergies or food sensitivities. If a food is eaten every day for a long period of time, anyone can easily develop a sensitivity to it or it may seem to just not be beneficial. This signals time for a change.

At the same time, cleansing programs will be effective for a while, then the progress will seem to lessen. It may signal a change to go to a more intense cleanse by "tightening" up the diet (more restrictions to a fruit and veggie only) or adding more intense cleansing products such as bentonite clay.

On the other side, a client may be eating only fruits and veggies for a couple weeks and now feels too weak. Time for a change. Try adding small amounts of protein throughout the day. The body can only cleanse at an intense pace for so long before it needs a break.

The same can be true for colon hydrotherapy or acupuncture sessions. All body therapies work best when they are done in "programs" or a "series" and then breaks are taken. When working with clients on body therapies, explain why they are done in a series so they don't think you are just "after their money." Educating your client can go a long way to build trust.

To avoid problems, monitor your clients' reactions to their programs. Help them listen and learn from their body cycles. Helping them modify and update their diets, supplements, cleansing programs and body therapies can help them constantly move forward and achieve their goals quicker.

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