Mind Power - Success is a Choice

Don't discount mind power as a way of achieving your goals. This includes goals of health, weight loss, quit smoking or financial improvement. Visualization has long been used by athletes to prepare for major competitions. It is used extensively by salesmen to reach their goals. In fact, many large companies hire professionals to use these types of techniques to inspire and motivate their staff.

Success is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. We live in a stress-filled world and a common reaction to stress is to reach for comfort foods, drink high-calorie alcohol or coffee drinks and to just do what is comfortable... never mind that this “comfort zone” has not helped us reach certain goals so far.

Do something different and try different visualization and/or meditation techniques. And keep in mind that learning the program or technique is easy. Being consistent and doing it every day is the hard part. This is why sometimes a tape, dvd, cd or mp3 come in handy. It is easy to plug in, whether you are “into it” or not. If you are not feeling up to it – fire it up anyway and do something else while it plays. You will still benefit because your subconscious cannot help but listen.

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