Have a Morning Fruit Fast

A morning fruit fast works with your body's circadian rhythm. Why? Because the morning time is the time your body uses to "cleanse" as part of a natural, daily cycle.

From around 4 am to around 11 am, your liver is processing and burning fat and toxins getting them ready for removal from your body. The liver releases its waste to the small intestine, which travels out via the colon or the kidneys. Many people notice this if their bodies are in tune with the cycle and they have a morning bowel movement.

Fruits are natural cleansers of the body since they contain a high amount of water and their own enzymes. This works with your body by aiding your body's natural cleansing process. And when you work with the body - you make it healthier.

Something to try as you embark on your cleanse is to eat only fruits before lunch. This gives you a fresh and energetic start to your day and helps for those with a sweet tooth. Be sure to drink plenty of water, as well. If you'd like to get your protein, try making a fruit smoothie with protein powder in it at some time during the morning, as well. But be sure to eat your fruit, too, for the fiber and to stimulate your body's cleansing process.

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