Natural Healing for Your Health Issues

Holistic arts or natural healing is used by many people for many different health issues. As people become more aware of their health, they realize that your body is self healing and we do have the ability to take control of our own health. Here are some common health issues and the healing programs people have used to control them and help their bodies heal.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace medical treatment.

Your body is self-healing, but it needs help. We are bombarded every day by external toxins from pollution and we add toxins through our food whether it's pesticides or chemicals from processing.

Colon cleansing will prepare your body for all types of holistic arts and natural healing. Holistic arts are used to help your body heal itself.

As Hippocrates stated - Let food be your medicine. Food can heal you or hurt you. Too much of the wrong foods will kill you. To allow your body to heal naturally must start with the right foods, supplements to boost your nutritional intake and in many cases different types of therapies or bodywork. But it must all work together. There will not be one pill or one supplement or one drug, only a combination of lifestyle changes.

Keep in mind that holistic healing is proactive. There are no herbs, supplements, foods or practitioners that will heal you. Herbs, supplements and foods assist your body by helping to nourish your organs, assisting in the neutralizing and/or elimination of harmful pathogens and other toxins. Practitioners can teach you, may monitor you or may even administer bodywork to expedite the cleansing and healing process.

This is different than allopathic or Western medicine in which the doctor may prescribe drugs to alliviate symptoms, some kill infection, some slow progression of disease - but these come with side-effects while at the same time they are not capable of healing your body, either.

Candida and Yeast Infection

Leaky Gut


Cleansing blockage of the arteries

Natural Psoriasis Treatment



High Blood Pressure

Hepatitis C

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Mental health

Whole Body Cleansing for Complete Health

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I had awesome results and felt the best I have in years!! This "how to" book gives everyday people a chance to reap the benefits of cleansing and detoxing. Cindy is highly knowledgeable and respected in this field. This "how to" guide offers an easy-to-follow plan. It's like having Cindy right there with you!

Jennifer S., Massage Therapist

Thank you for your site, I can tell you are passionate about cleansing and health, and the time you put into this site is greatly appreciated. It has helped me more than you can imagine.

Kaylin J., Los Angeles, CA

I was a client of Cindy's when she worked in the Los Angeles area. I am also one of the many people who encouraged her to put her program into writing. It was a worthy investment of my time and money and I believe it will help many others on their quest for health.

Barbara G., Massage Therapist and Nutritional Counselor