Add Nutritional Counseling - Free?!

Adding a free nutritional counseling session to your program is an excellent way to show your clients your professionalism and get them started on the all-important beginning first steps to health.

Many massage therapists, colon therapists and even chiropractors do it anyway by suggesting supplements that may help their clients. Elaborate on this by being sure they understand they are receiving a free service and you can even have them fill out an evaluation so this service can be more personalized.

In many cases, especially that of colon hydrotherapy, the supplements and diet are an important part of the path to health. Since you must talk to your client anyway, use this time to give this session freely and get into detail of their dietary habits.

I have known many who have the inclination to charge up to $250 for a nutritional counseling. This could greatly slow your growth since much information can be found for less whether in books or on the internet. As for your expertise, until you get a good reputation that you have to turn away clients, you have to prove yourself. Giving away a nutritional counseling session will accomplish this and can be used as a marketing tool.

Be sure the free session is with the purchase of a service and give the session immediately before, immediately after or during the service. This way you also incorporate a series of the said service into their program along with the supplements you might sell them. You will also have the chance to explain how the service ties into their program, what the benefits are and they may have a chance to see your reasoning in action.

This will get them started on the right path which gives them a better chance of success to accomplish their health goals. And remember - their success is your success.

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