Reach for the Stars with Obtainable Goals

All of us embark on a health program for different reasons. One thing we should have in common is to have obtainable goals. If your goals are lofty, such as overcoming a serious health issue or large weight loss - it may seem like a steeper climb for you. But you can keep it easy for your mind by making smaller, more obtainable goals.

I know you may have heard it before, but then again, there's the other side that tells you to reach for the stars. So which do you do?

Reach for the stars - in steps. For example, if your goal is to eat all raw foods to lose 100 pounds, set a goal of doing this for only one month. Do your research, plan your meals, and make your shopping lists for the next month.

Now that that's done, make your goal for only one week. Give yourself a reward at the end of that week, like a massage. Now you plan and mentally get ready for the next week. Do it again.

Toward the end of your month, start planning your next month. Perhaps you need a day or two off. But stick to your guns and make your reachable goals again.

The smaller increments will break the time up. It is easier to plan and say "I will do this for 3 days" rather than 3 month. Make your increments the size that your brain can handle and go for it.

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