#3 - The Partnership for Prevention - Really?

Reuters just reported today that according to the Partnership for Prevention, 100,000 lives could be saved every year if just five steps of prevention were taken.

The five steps are to take a low dose of aspirin every day (to prevent heart attacks), quit smoking - have your doc prescribe drugs to help you(?!), get flu shots if you're over 50, and get regular colorectal and breast screenings for colon cancer and breast cancer respectively.

It goes on to state that we must, as a nation, be sure that insurers and employers pay for these expenses.

There is one line that I agreed with whole heartedly in this report. It was from a Dr. Toomey of the CDC who stated that our country has never invested in prevention. And from this report, it looks like it will be a long time before it does.

I was wondering why they don't talk about true prevention that insurers and employers shouldn't have to pay for - eating healthy and consuming the amount of nutrition a body needs to stay healthy. Oh - and stop consuming chemicals that damage our cells. So I took a look at the board of directors of our "Partnership for Prevention."

There were people from Merck and Co., Pfizer Inc., the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, and well, you get the picture.

Why would chemical companies and drug companies want us off drugs? It's better to replace them with so-called "preventative" measures which will allow people to get false hope.

It is interesting that the "preventive measures" are all medical pharmaceuticals (aspirin, vaccines) and the "screenings" have been accused by some even in the medical community to actually contribute to cancers! (Yet herbs are dangerous?)

A loved-one from our family died of a sudden, violent heart attack during a pool party. The paramedics found a pocket full of aspirin. I guess it didn't work.

Our loved one was a chef, and although not overweight by any means, loved to eat rich foods. True prevention would have been to tell him about certain foods, herbs and even medical treatments (interestingly not available in the United States) could have cleared the plaque in his arteries.

So that's my rave for today. Please, eat well, take care of your family, teach them true prevention and take back your power to create a healthy body. Imagine if the above can save 100,000 lives a year, how many would true prevention save?

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