Don't Be A Perfectionist

When losing weight or cleansing, don't be a perfectionist. I am always asked – when will my body be completely clean? The answer is when you're dead and then not even. As long as it is working properly and whether you are healthy or not your body will always make internal toxins that are “leftover” substances from metabolic functions. As long as you eat there will be waste and substances that your body may turn into toxins. These must continuously in a process of leaving the body.

The same goes for losing weight since you must have a maintenance program. In the case of weight loss, it took years of bad habits to get you to the point where you became unhappy about your weight. You don't want to work hard to lose it then go back to old eating habits. If you do – the weight could come back faster than you can say “put it down!”

In both cases, cleansing or losing weight, The best approach is to realize it will take time. Persistence is always key and you will accomplish your goals with persistence. If you take the “all or nothing” approach, you risk cheating and binging.

Knowing these goals take time to accomplish, you may better understand that going a little off your program at some point is really okay. Don't use a so-called “cheat” to give up your goals and binge. Just keep in mind that all your hard work at dieting or cleansing still counts. So be patient with yourself, don't try to be perfect and when you “fall of the wagon” you can always, always get right back on.

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