#5 - Does Fiber Really Prevent Constipation?

I just read on the Mayo Clinic's website that if you want to prevent constipation to drink water and eat a diet rich in fiber.

This advice may help some - but the fiber should be clarified. I've had way too many people in my office that have been eating bran cereal (rich in fiber), only to find that one day it didn't work so well. They went on to add another bowl, or another muffin and when that stopped working, add a fiber supplement. This went on until one day they realized that in spite of daily bm's, everything wasn't leaving.

The problem is not a lack of fiber of this type. The problem is a lack of understanding the role of fiber. The fibers found in grains do not always stimulate peristalsis. In fact, it can exacerbate a problem if your peristalsis is sluggish.

In addition, our bodies like change. So if you eat a fiber cereal or take a fiber supplement and it feels like it does "move" you, then one day it stops working - it's not that the fiber stopped doing it's job. It's more like your body stopped responding. So change your cereal or supplement.

Fresh veggies and fruits have some of the best fiber for your body. These foods help the entire digestive tract because it contains the fiber, nutrition and enzymes needed for healthy digestion and elimination.

So,if you truly want to prevent constipation, eat your fruits and veggies, mix up your fiber and keep your body stimulated. And if you did make the mistake of eating too much fiber than your body could handle, try a proper cleansing diet and program to clear any buildup that it may have caused.

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