Is a Public Option Needed for Health Care Reform?

There is a great debate going on whether we should have a public health care option. Of course we all need and want access to health insurance without being a slave to the insurance, drug cartel or the government. And, believe it or not, a public option for health care would help make that happen.

The way insurance is set up now, doctors are basically forced to use pharmaceutical drugs and / or surgery to treat patients – even when these are not in the patient's best interest. Many times, diet changes, herbal and nutrition supplements and physical therapies such as massage can be far better and less toxic options.

Because of apathy on the patients' part, many doctors will not even discuss nutrition because they feel their patients will not listen, anyway. Worse yet, doctors cannot tell us about herbal or nutritional supplements for fear of being dropped by their malpractice insurance company.

It is a known fact that the more natural and less toxic treatments with less side-effects are far cheaper than drugs or surgery. In a public option for health care, profit is not a motivational factor. Therefore, it makes sense for them to use the safer, and less expensive, options. This is already happening in many other countries.

Here is a fact about one lesser-known therapy, chelation therapy;

“Hancke and Flytlie (1992) of Denmark provide EDTA chelation for patients on the waiting list for coronary artery bypass (CABG) or amputation, with the impressive results that 58 out of 65 bypass candidates and 24 out of 27 amputation candidates war able to cancel their surgery.” (Quote by Susan G. Silverman, RN, MSN from pdf: A comprehensive treatment for the prevention and reversal of vascular disease.)

It is a fact that this entire treatment of chelation therapy may cost around $5,000 or $6,000 while the surgery may cost $55,000 with another surgery to be expected about five years later. Insurance companies will always use the surgery because it is the “standard of practice,” changes in science never come easy (just think of Dr. Semmelweis who was shunned by the medical community when he first suggested they wash their hands between surgeries) and these surgeries and drugs justify the high cost of insurance.

Chelation therapy is only one of the less toxic and longer lasting treatments not available through our private insurance companies in America. I think next, I'll do a report about many of the others that we are missing out on.

It is a sad think when we are supposed to be leading the world in advancements in medicine - yet we are rated only 19 in the world as far as health care goes. Infant mortality rates are higher in Detroit than in El Salvador. The poorest British are expected to live longer than the richest Americans. And the list goes on.

I now understand when one of my doctors said years ago that insurance companies are ruining the business of medicine. Thank goodness, according to a survey from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, three fourths of the doctors surveyed are all for the public option with ten percent saying there should only be a public option.

Right now insurance holders are dictated by the bureaucrats of the insurance companies. I believe a not for profit, public option would open the door for healthier, longer lasting true health care. It does work in other countries – and while not perfect, gives everyone a chance to get insurance and could possibly give us all a chance at non-toxic alternatives.

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