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Hi Folks,

In my research I have been constantly coming across a website by a man named Dr. Stephen Barrett. I read over his site and apparently he likes nothing holistic, healthy or alternative.

According to his site, acupuncture, cleansing, nutrition, massage therapy, herbs, homeopathy, juicing, minerals, chiropractic, Ayurvedic medicine, anti-aging medicine, chelation therapy, Chinese medicine... okay - you get the point. Well anyway, ALL of these, he claims, are quackery and don't work or will kill you.

Never mind that you never see reports or even hear of people dying by the hundreds from herbs or too much juice.

We all have heard of the couple of deaths from overusing ephedra. But how many news reports do you see of the 12,000 deaths per year from unnecessary surgery, 7,000 deaths per year due to medication errors in hospitals, or 106,000 deaths per year due to negative effects of drugs?

One reason is that the medical profession is protected since these deaths were not intentional and in line with the standard of medical practice. To me, this is not the problem since it is an individual and personal choice to use standard medicine. It is our jobs to educate ourselves of these types of issues and then make a choice of how we want to take care of ourselves.

So - I'm not complaining because of these stats. Health is supposed to be a freedom and some people feel the need to use medicine and some prefer alternatives. Personally, if I have gallstones I'd rather drink a glass of olive oil and at least try to eliminate them on my own before I make a decision to get cut open.

In this light, I believe people should be aware of certain truths each and every time they read criticism of holistic health practices.

Yes, there are precautions and one shouldn't be careless with their health. There are many health classes, courses and even free info that we all should take advantage of. Good health is our right and personal responsibility.

But at the same time, the medical profession shouldn't make alternative health practice something it is not. Nutrition is not deadly, even if in the form of an herb. Juicing is not a waste of money and massage and acupuncture do work. And they don't kill. That's why the holistic practitioner's insurance rates aren't sky high like in the medical profession.

And, by the way, remember the previously mentioned Dr. Stephen Barrett? He and his website are currently named in a racketeering case in a Federal Court in Colorado, he's being sued in Ontario, Canada, one of the claims being that "the sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners and businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available" and recently, three California Judges, in a Published Appeals Court decision declared him "biased, and unworthy of credibility."

So - stay true to yourself, take care of your health and know that it is possible to have good health without drugs... I mean pharmaceuticals.

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