#1 - The Beef Recall and Your Health

Last month (June 2007), the United Food Group expanded a recall of 445,000 pound of beef because of e. coli contamination, in 11 states of the USA. Just recently there was a lawsuit filed against PM Beef Holdings, LLC and Lund Food Holdings, the producer and retailer who sold e.coli-contaminated beef. Last year it was e.coli contamination of lettuce and spinach.

You can take steps to protect yourself. We cannot know if our food is contaminated and, apparently, these days you’re not safe even if you are vegetarian!

What we can do is make sure our bodies are strong enough to protect us in case we eat contaminated food.

One thing we can do is be sure to consume good bacteria, or probiotics. Studies have shown (and holistic health practitioners have always been aware) that consuming good bacteria will cause our immune cells to kill 40-60% more harmful bacteria. In addition, the good bacteria reside in your intestinal tract where e.coli attacks, so these are particularly effective against this type of infection.

Work this into your diet by consuming yogurt for the good bacteria. If you cannot consume milk products, try a probiotic supplement.

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