Should You Help Your Clients Fast?

Should your client fast? One reason I bring this question to mind is the legal issues that could be involved with fasting. Of course, any client is encouraged to listen to their bodies and be responsible for their own health. That is the basis of holistic health - to be responsible for yourself. But we, as health professionals, are here to guide and teach.

Unfortunately in this business you may find problems. Some people may be looking for another to blame for their ill health. Others may simply not like the program - or you - and may look for any reason to put blame on your business for their problems.

There may be a myriad of other reasons to be overly cautious when working with the public. But rather than focus on those, let's focus on how to prevent problems in the first place.

Fasting is an extreme form of cleansing. Many clients may not be ready for it - even if they believe they are. In fact, one of the biggest problems with fasting when not ready may not even be the side-effects, but the return of problems once the fast is over. These could include flu-like symptoms, digestive problems, hair loss and weight gain.

Properly and slowly leading into a fast and back out will produce the lasting, good effects. You can lose weight, lower bad cholesterol, lose dangerous abdominal fat, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke and more when doing a fast the right way.

I have always used the rule that if a client wanted to fast - they must cleanse on a strengthening program for about three weeks first. If they can follow this then they will be strong enough to fast without harsh side-effects. The good results of the fast will also having lasting power and not be just a temporary quick fix.

There are many ways to cleanse. I consider a strengthening cleanse one in which the client eats to help their organs gain the most strength. This can only build slowly. I include vegetable juices in their cleanse, tailored to suit their health and body.

The diet is then modified according to what they already eat. This modification will alter the diet enough to slowly start the cleansing process but leaving enough familiarity to keep them comfortable and not create too much change at once as to become expensive or overwhelming in some other way.

The client is monitored during these three weeks so that you can continue to tweak and intensify the diet. The juice is always maintained as that is what helps the organs build strength enough to cleanse themselves.

This approach is slow, but I always felt safe with it and always saw the best results for the client. Of course I would have the handful of clients who came in fasting and wanted me to help them from there. At this point I would explain what I normally do - but then let them know that I would help them in any way I could and proceed from there.

Protect yourself and your business by being smart. When it comes to cleansing, don't rely on some pamphlet from a supplement you like. Get all points of view and knowledge then proceed. Good luck!

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