Activate Your Skinny Genes - Is This Possible?

There is a new health craze being promoted from a Palm Springs heart clinic, created by Dr. Steven R. Gundry, M.D., author of Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution.

In his plan, he claims he uses food to communicate with your genes to determine your weight and whether you gain it or lose it.

We have good reason to be skeptical considering the recent Atkin's plan where it was the revealed the doctor who created this had had numerous heart attacks. Many went on to realize that although the weight was lost, this was not a heart healthy eating plan.

In Dr. Gundry's plan, he claims that certain practices such as eating sweet fruits was the body's cue that we are in summer-time consisting of long days in which to store fat to get ready for the long harsh winter. When we suddenly began to find sugar and flour and invented light bulbs, the body was tricked into thinking it was summer all the time therefore eternally storing fat.

Whether you believe the theory or not - his approach is a nicely balanced diet. The only thing is the lack of fruits for about 2 weeks. This may not be a good idea considering there are certain vitamins and enzymes in fruits that you cannot find in vegetables or other foods, naturally. Add to this the fact that most people do not get the daily 5-7 servings of fruit and veggies as it is!

However, for the short time claimed, it can be an excellent "reset" for those with an overly active sweet tooth. It is a fact that some people eat fruit only to get a more intense craving for sweets instead of being satiated. If this sounds like you - this way of eating could help you reduce your cravings.

In addition, this diet recommends cutting out all grains for at least 2 weeks. Many holistic practitioners agree this is a good idea, especially during a detox. However, our reasons are not because of the genetic code, but because many people have sensitivities to them. This is for a number of reasons from eating processed and adulterated grains, pesticides on the grains, and white flour in general. Detoxing from these for a few weeks may be a good idea for many people.

So the diet mainly ends up being similar to a higher protein diet, eating mainly animal proteins, cheeses and vegetables. If not for the cheese - it would almost be a great detox diet!

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