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Why would you want to start a home health business? The truth is that today’s economy can be shaky for anyone, even health professionals. We all want a stable income, health insurance, retirement and other things to make us feel secure. Unfortunately, reality is that any of us can hit hard times at any time. Creating a business from home can help you feel protected in case you are unexpectedly laid off or cannot go to work for some reason.

If you already have an existing business, you probably already spend a lot of time away from home. And I know from experience, that the more successful you are, the more hours you must work! So working from home is a great option for us.

Need ideas to start your home health business?

Set yourself up to see clients from home. You must have an extra room or create a special space to do this. People will feel far more comfortable when they are taken into a room they see is separate from your home – like an office. It also conveys professionalism since you created a space where you can focus on your client and not be interrupted. In many areas you can then write off this portion of your rent/mortgage for tax purposes. Sell supplements that you are passionate about. This works best if you see clients from home.

Start a website. "What would I create a website about?" you might ask. We all have knowledge that others can benefit from. Whether you are a massage therapist, a nurse, a doctor, or someone who was sick and has learned how to cope with a debilitating disease, all health professionals, and even non-health professionals, have something to share such as;

  • You might really understand the benefits of massage therapy, and you want to let everyone know.
  • You may have witnessed great stories of healing.
  • Perhaps you have the inside scoop on future medicines that will help many others.
  • You have a passion about a certain holistic aspect that you find fascinating.
  • A nurse or doctor would be greatly appreciated by many who are waiting to read their views on how holistic health can work with Western medicine.

Write and publish your own book(s). This is a way to create residual income after you start a home health business.

Don’t look for a publisher, unless you are already famous. If not, you probably won’t make much money. Books and authors are a dime a dozen. So publish it yourself. It’s easy, and cheap, to apply for your own ISBN numer. Just go to R.R. Bowker and read the details.

After this, either talk to a local printer about getting books printed. If you have a budget of a couple thousand dollars, you can purchase your first round of books for under $2 per book (for a book around 200 pages). If you don’t want to invest that much, use a Print On Demand publisher like Book Surge, who is affiliated with, so you can grow from there.

Working from home is a great way for anyone to start their second income without having to pay extra rent, electricity and other overhead that may be associated with starting a business.

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