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Happy New Year! I pray all of you had a wonderful holiday season and are now ready to start 2008 with a positive attitude full of love and health. So today we will discuss how to start your program.

Many of us are making a decision to take charge of our health this year and using the beginning of this new year to start a program. If you are in the process of deciding your new health program – I would encourage starting with a cleanse. But which one?

Most of them are good. As I state on the website , my favorite cleanse for ease of use and the most cost effective is the Herbal Fiberblend by AIM (American Image Marketing). Many people have had success with the Dr. Natura product and the Dual Cleanse. There are many to choose from so here are three pointers to help you make a decision:

  1. Be sure there is a fiber supplement either in the mix or to take with the program. The fiber, such as psyllium, is the part that will soften old, built up waste and get it ready for removal.

  2. Try to avoid laxatives. Some people feel they need them in order to help remove the older waste. This may be true. But if you use a laxative (even a natural laxative like senna) keep in mind that it can be easily addictive. Use with caution and wean off of it as opposed to stopping cold turkey once you are finished with the program.

  3. Alter your diet. No cleansing program will work if you are replacing the waste you are removing with junk food that will easily build up. Also, don’t “pig out” right before your cleanse. This just means the first day or two of your cleanse will be clearing out the last day or two of over-indulgence.

I hope these pointers help get you started. No matter which program you choose, don’t try to do it all at once. For example – fasting is not a good idea unless you are ready. If it took years to build up waste, it will take some time to eliminate. Keep in mind that good health habits take time and regaining or taking charge of your health is a process and a path. Be kind to yourself, know that you’re body may be stronger than you think and practice makes perfect. Good luck and good health!

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