#30 - The State of Holistic Health and How to Deal With It

Once again we have someone promoted as an “expert” writing books and commenting on alternative health. The author and expert in question is Dr. James Dillard, M.D. assistant clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. He's author of "Alternative Medicine for Dummies."

He has a degree in medical science that he obviously worked hard for. But – in my mind – that does not make him an expert in alternative health, alternative medicine… maybe, but not alternative health. Most people will get these terms confused and give a person like this credit for knowing true alternative measures for health such as herbs and body cleansing.

For example – he states that fasting has a spiritual factor, but he is not so sure of a physiological benefit. Okay – so if he is an expert… why does he not try it himself? It is better to do and know rather than speculate and give misinformation.

This is one of the biggest modern problems in holistic health. The media and public are looking in the wrong place for “expert” information. Don’t expect your medical doctor to give you advice on holistic practices no more than asking your massage therapist about if you should have a hysterectomy. These are two different professions with different expertise. But – we all want proof in the medical research. This is also a problem.

There is no research. There is none not because it is bogus, but because there are no large amounts of money to be made from pharmaceuticals. Therefore you will not find companies spending large amounts of money to research. Vegetables, fruits and herbal supplements just will not make a company nine billion dollars in one year.

The medical doctors, alternative doctors and health practitioners I worked with all had something in common… they practiced what they preached. If something worked, they were honest. If something did not work, they were honest. Unfortunately, most of the medical doctors would not advocate holistic practices in their offices or to their patients for fear of being sued or getting in trouble with the American Medical Association for not following the “standard of practice.”

For those who don’t know what this means – it means there is a particular standard that doctors will follow to work with certain diseases. If they do not follow that standard and something goes wrong with the patient – it is easier for the patient to sue the doctor. In addition, they risk being dropped by their malpractice insurance company whether they are at fault or not! Add to this the fact that they will follow certain standards of practice, even if proven that said practice causes more harm than good! (Examples of this are chemotherapy and LABA asthma inhalers.)

Remember that doctors are trained, for years, in symptoms of disease, biology and pharmaceuticals. They are trained in the interaction of the pharmaceuticals with your biology. Western (American) doctors are Allopathic Doctors. Allopathic means trained in the treatment of disease. This is not the same as being trained in natural practices that help your body build, protect and heal itself from disease.

Protect your body and your health by informing yourself above and foremost. Don’t just believe holistic practices – try them if you feel it might work. Knowledge and experience is what will keep you and your family healthy.

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