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My main goal is and always has been to educate people to learn how to take care of themselves. This website in particular is so that you can educate yourself about body cleansing and holistic nutrition, and cleansing supplements fall into the latter category. It is my hope with this information you gain the knowledge, therefore power, to choose supplements without falling for the “hype” of a sales pitch.

The supplements included on this page are not necessarily the only ones that I like, but have shown consistent and positive results. These are general cleansing programs and supplements to be used with an organic, holistic diet. As we all know, a healthy diet is necessary with any health program for positive and lasting results.

I measured results as:

  1. The ability to control the amount of the supplement taken so as to adjust to the client’s needs

  2. The ability to wean off of the supplement and see the body still working strongly on its own without the need of any supplement.

  3. A positive, measurable difference in health was noticed in a reasonable amount of time.

In this light, here are reviews of some of the supplements I have used over the years and still believe in. If you see a supplement mentioned and there is no link, you can probably find it in your local health food store.

Herbal Fiberblend for First Cleanse or General Cleanse
Herbal Fiberblend (powder not pill form) is the first colon cleanse product that I used when I had Hep C. When I was sick, I took it in conjunction with Barley Green. I loved the product then and years later after becoming a Nutritional Consultant and colon therapist and working with many different products, this is still my favorite.

I have found this product to work on 99% of clients. It works as well as some of the more expensive products I've tried. (Some even call it a colonic in a bottle.) It can work that well if you follow a proper body cleansing diet.

I don't like the pill form because it contains senna. Clients had too difficult of a time weaning off of it as senna is very addicting.

Herbal Release is another cleanse product from this same company that comes in a pill form only. I use this for a lymphatic cleanse or blood cleanse or for those who really hated taking the powder of Fiberblend.

Para 90 is the other product I used frequently for a parasite cleanse. It is not as strong as some but works great when used in conjunction with the Herbal Fiberblend. Since the Fiberblend has some herbs in it for parasite control already, the Para 90 is a great addition added about one week into a cleansing program. I always found this to be an effective and gentle combination. When you start slowly, you really won't have too many side effects (as long as you eat accordingly).

Vitamineral Green - Although there are many products on the market, this is one of my favorites because of the taste. I can tell it's fresh with live enzymes. It is also packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and is excellent as a nutritional supplement.

When I had Hep C, I used the Barley Green from Aim (above) but after using Vitamineral Green I don't like the taste of many others.

A green superfood is a supplement you can change up every once in a while, for variety. There are many high quality, organic versions on the market and each has slightly different ingredients. By using a variety, you can be sure to get full benefits. Capsule forms of any green superfood can work well, but you may have to take quite a few.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein is a great protein supplement and compatible with a vegetarian and vegan diet. It is a highly bioavailable form of protein and does not cause stomach upset or constipation. It can be added to spring water, but when added to almond milk it tastes even better.

Many people simply do not get enough protein, particularly growing teenagers and women over 40. This is a delicious and way to supplement a protein deficiency, if you just feel you do not eat enough protein, or if you work out and need the extra boost.

It is easily found in many health food stores as well as major health food chain stores. Watch the price because it is often on sale.

Arise & Shine
I love this straight-forward cleanse. It is broken up into a few different bottles to take, but it is thorough, and the instructions are educational. There is a book available for purchase that goes deeper into the concept of body cleansing, but it is not necessary to do this cleanse.

The only part I don't care for is the way one must purchase the supplements as it seems to be only through mail-order, even today. It is not that easy to sign up as a distributor, yet some of the people who sell it don't seem to know that much about it. (Just my experience.)

Sonne - I really like this product. Not only is it high quality and reasonably priced, but Victor Irons - the guy who created this line - seemed like a very cool guy. He was a rebel in his time, advocating that people cleanse and eat right to be healthy. (What a concept!) He was considered pretty crazy at the time and ridiculed for his beliefs.

The bentonite, fiber, and green superfoods are great to use for the 7 Day Intensive Cleanse. The only thing is there are a lot of products, so you have to know what you're doing to put together a program. But if you keep it simple, you can't go wrong.

Try to find the "pamphlet" he has written, it's has some excellent information about cleansing in it.

Renewlife is a product line you can find in your local health food store. This product is another favorite that can be bought locally. It is packaged well, meaning you have everything you need in one box.

They also have a parasite cleanse (called Paragone) in a box that is stronger than the Para 90 described above. My problem with this product is that there isn't enough fiber in their program (in my opinion) so when clients used it I would have them take about an extra teaspoon of psyllium twice a day. I prefer to use more fiber during a strong cleanse like this to help absorb some of the toxins that are being released.

Also, since I consider this a stronger cleanse, I asked clients to follow a whole body cleanse first, using either Fiberblend or plain psyllium, for at least two weeks. Then start the Renewlife Paragone and reduce the fiber to one teaspoon. This will lessen any side effects you might experience.

One last product from this company is the Paragone for kids. I use this product on all three of my children every couple of years. Kids get into mysterious situations and this ensures they don't have guests. They don't mind taking it and have even felt more energetic afterward. Also, (contrary to popular belief) herbs are not like drugs - they are added nutrition. If your body doesn't need it, it will excrete it out.

Young Living Essential Oils - As far as essential oils goes, this is the best on the market. They really do work - I have so much confidence in them I use them on my children and have done so since they were around two years old. They also supply excellent information about oils and how they work.

The downside is that you have to sign up as a distributor and order a certain amount to make it cost effective. (I did find the link to order individual items from Amazon, however, which you can find above.)

NOW Essential Oils is a brand I have recently come across when I ran out of Lavender oil and didn't have time to order more. I found this at the local market and tried it and for the first time found an oil that was just as effective as the Young Living. Before this, I have never found a lavender oil that works the same or even smells the same. This would be due to the many types of plant out there. I now use this on a regular basis since it is more cost effective and we use quite a bit in our home.

I will be adding to this list as time goes on. If there is a product you'd like to know about, let me know through the contact page.

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