#17 - Sweat Out Toxins with a Body Wrap

Body wraps can greatly enhance your cleansing program. They help you sweat out toxins, possibly lose inches and help clear toxins from your skin.

I used a series of body wraps for a cleanse and was amazed at what came out of me! After the first one, it appeared normal. By the third wrap, it seemed like a gallon of toxins left me! I felt great and my skin looked and felt beautiful.

You can use essential oils in your wrap, but there are a variety of other ingredients to use as well, such as seaweed or mud. All are detoxifying. My favorite is the oils because I love the smell.

It is best to go to a spa where it will be done for your. But to be cost-effective, you could start with a body wrap kit. This way you have all your ingredients and directions so you know the procedure. After that, experiment with your own ingredients of choice!

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