#18 - Tapping Increases Willpower

Tapping is a simple and effective Emotional Release Technique. It is kind of working with your chakras using an accupressure type technique. In a nutshell - here's how I learned:

  • Use the four finger tips of each hand at the same time to tap
  • Tap moderate to lightly on the following areas while stating the belief that you wish to change. (For example: I crave too many sweets.) Say your statement once or twice for each area you tap.
  • Top, middle of your head (crown chakra)
  • Above the eye brows
  • Above the lip, under the nose
  • Under the lip, above the chin
  • Center of breast bone/sternum
  • Bottom of ribs at both sides
  • Inside of wrist, under the thumb. Do each one separate.
  • This is only one technique of many, and you don't have to believe in the chakra theory to let it work for you. Physically - it sends a type of shock wave through the nervous system. In fact, tapping is an ongoing process that you can map out to make changes for yourself. One thing for certain, this beginning step described above helped me with many eating challenges I had. It could help you, too.

    If you'd like to study this technique further or get a better understanding, it would be best to check out books by an expert in the field.

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